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The Coronavirus crisis is affecting the entire world, and for small business owners, it spells loss of income that might be hard to recover from. I already lost half my art classes income in March because I had to cancel classes this week and will have to do so next week as well, it's a though time for all.

If you are home with your family, you are at risk of loosing your sanity, and running out of ideas on how to entertain yourself and the kids. In many places you might not even be able to step out of your home to buy more stickers and craft supplies, to keep everybody entertained and goods ordered online might take longer to ship.

As an Etsy seller, I seriously don't think I can even go to a post office to ship physical orders at the moment, the situation in Mumbai isn't quite clear about which government service is still on, and which is going on lockdown, at any rate, I don't really fancy a 20 minutes rickshaw ride to go to a post office that might or might no be closed and expose myself to contaminated surface or people, potentially putting lots of people at risk.
But as a small business owner, I don't want to lose too much of an income either, that income I earn keep other small businesses alive, and I want to be able to do my bit to support the economy once the lockdown is lifted.

In the meantime, I am working on creating more printable sticker sets for my Etsy shop. These are digital download files that you get to instantly access once you made your purchase on Etsy.

That way we all win : I get to stay in business, I stay safe inside my home, you don't have to wait weeks for the stickers to reach you, and you have an instant craft project ready to do with your kids.

You can print those stickers as many times as you want once you bought the download, and you can print them on any paper compatible with your printer.
If you don't have sticker paper on hand, you can either order it online from your favourite shop, or simply print the set on plain paper and use good old fashioned glue to paste them in your journal or diary.
In the picture above I printed the set on my Epson L805 printer which I reviewed earlier this month. And the sticker paper I use is available on Amazon India (This link is an affiliate link).

You can cut out the stickers with regular scissors or an exacto knife (but don't let your kids handle that knife please).

 The Elephant sticker set is a one A4 size file with several variant of my Elephant design on one side and 9 strips of purple elephant pattern borders to use the same way you would use washi tape.

The set is priced at 2$ plus taxes depending where you live. It's a steal considering you can print it over and over again.

Earlier this month I had launched another sticker set :

This was the groovy bubbles and rickshaw set, aka India Vibe Bullet Journal sticker kit.  This set is a bit bigger and has two A4 size files instead of one.
The set has washi tape style borders in two designs, a stand alone "Groovy bubbles" design my "Horn please" rickshaw design, all in a vibrant yellow.

I priced it at 3.80$ and again there might be additional taxes added to the price depending where you live. Like the Elephant one, you can print it as many times as you want.

It goes without saying that when you purchase the files, it doesn't give you the right to resell, or redistribute the content on any other platform. I retain all rights to the artwork on those stickers set. You can use them anyway you want for personal use, but CANNOT use them at commercial end. You also can't use any of the elements to decorate a website or create a digital logo either.

If you are new to journalling, I wrote quite a few posts on the matter and I listed them all in my previous post : "How to keep yourself busy at home during a lockdown"

Remember to all stay safe, follow the instructions your government body is giving you regarding social distancing, what you think about the measures in place do not matter. We are all in this together, and if we do it right, we can flatten the curve and prevent the healthcare bodies to become oversaturated with people in critical conditions.
Think of this social distancing the way we treated Chicken Pox when there was no vaccine, many of use had chicken pox as kids, and we all had the 15 days house quarantine deal to prevent infecting others.
Minus the itching, I remember it to be a fun time playing and reading books at home the would day long. Seen this way a lockdown really doesn't sound that bad, think positive. 

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  1. Happy navratras to you and family, may goddess durga bless
    us all with strength and health.

    May all be happy, may all be free from illness, may all see what is auspicious, may no one suffer. This sanskrit sholka which I read in my text book seems so relevant today.


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