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10:53 AM

I'm taking a break from the Covid Chronicle for a big announcement :

I am now on Patreon

For those of you who don't know what Patreon is let me explain.

It's a way for artists to build a relationship with their audience in a far more exclusive and private way than just being out there on Social media (which you should still be doing if you are an artist by the way)

Patreon, is a platform for creatives where their fans can subscribe and get access to special content the artist/musician/creative choose to put, but all in all it's a great way to show your patronage to someone whose work you admire in more than just a few likes on Instagram, or an odd purchase of their work here and there. 

Most creatives on Patreon offer at least 3 membership tiers, each with special rewards and perks of their choosing, and each having a different membership fee. As a fan, you get to chose how much you want to pledge a month, get access to the content made for your tier and get the satisfaction of supporting an artist at a low cost every month. 

Like most artist, I am starting with 3 tiers, and let me give you all the infos on each of them in this blog post : 

Take a ride

This is my entry level  tier, and for 1$ a month, you get access to :

- Weekly newsletter post updates
- And random picture posts about my work, or daily life
- The ability to send me private message

Grab a cup

This is my mid level tier, and for 5$ a month here is what you get : 

- All the perks of the pervious tier, which means you get to read my newsletter posts, and see my random pictures, and get to message me. 

- On top of that, you get to see work in progress videos and time lapses of my work

- Access to exclusive Phone wallpaper downloads, I will put one new wallpaper up every month, and you can download any of the previously posted one at any point. I design those wallpaper exclusively for my Patreon, you won't find them anywhere else. 

My biggest fans

This is the "top dog" tier for now for 10$ a month, here is what you get : 

- All the perks that tier 1 and 2 enjoy, so access to all videos, updates, and random pictures, as well as phone wallpapers

- Access to printable files in high resolution, think art print, postcards... I will put one new file a month, and you get to access all previous files at any point. Again, these files are exclusive to Patreons, I am not selling them anywhere else, some will be variant of artwork I already did but in a new avatar that will never be made commercially available to a wide audience, others will be exclusively designed for my biggest fans. 

- You get a hand written greeting card and surprise for Christmas, so if you go for that tier, you need to enter your residential address. 

Why Patreon? 

You might be wondering why I stepped up my game, and decided to offer paid membership to my work, when you could see what I was up to for free on Instagram. 

To clarify things : I will STILL be active on Instagram, there is no questioning this. You'll still see my work, product mockups, get to read about what I'm up to in captions and see my silly IG stories. 

It's just that people who followed me on IG and really like my work often don't see all my posts because they get lost in their feed. Instagram keeps changing their algorithm, and this means that my audience do not get to see as much of what I do as they want to. To increase my reach, Facebook and Instagram want ME to pay to get visibility, which I tried, and it didn't really work out the way I was expecting. 

With Patreon, my fans get to subscribe, the way they would to a magazine or fan club, and they are assured to NEVER miss a post or update. And you get the privilege to see content I will not post anywhere else. 
I also made sure to keep each tiers priced reasonably, even once converted in rupees, two of these tiers cost you less than a cup of coffee plus snacks in Starbucks. The top tier cost less than a meal for one in a restaurant or a movie ticket plus popcorn. 

More important, with Patreon you get the SUPPORT an artist, this means that it helps small creatives like me keep on doing what we do and be valued for it. 

My other reason to finally join Patreon was that in this lockdown time I found myself going on Facebook a lot more, and reading depressing news, and being exposed to even funny memes do wear thin. 
I kept asking myself if there isn't something a bit less mindless I could do during my day. I draw a lot, take more Skillshare classes than before, but then what? 
I'd rather create content for a curated audience, than like another post about Covid-19 or read another doomsday article that will do nothing for my anxiety. 
Plus right now I have a lot of time I can devote to get the hang of a new social platform I might not necessarily have gotten otherwise, and for the first time in week, I feel like my mental energy is back to a semi-optimal level again (more about that in another blog post)

For now, if you want to support me, you can either click here, or search for homecynhome on, I'll be waiting for you with virtual cookies and a cup of tea. 

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