May 2020 printable calendar

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How are you all doing?

I find myself struggling saying "Can you believe we made it to May already" because time doesn't seem to fly, and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight to getting out of Lockdown in Mumbai.

I am writing this post on April 29 if you were wondering, and as of now, the National lockdown is still supposed to end on May 4th but many states are thinking of extending it, Maharashtra included, and Mumbai being the epicentre of the Covid Crisis in India, our prospect of being out of lockdown anytime soon doesn't look good.

Frankly, at this point I don't really mind staying home, but there are things that are making me angrier by the day, and others that make me very tired :

For example, my apartment complex Co-Op going overboard with ridiculous rules and guidelines that have nothing to do with the official BMC guidelines like cancelling our regular fruit and veggies vendors because "we can't be sure they are safe" but going for a different out of town vendor and a subscription model instead. Or declaring that our bread and egg vendor is no longer "safe" 7 days a week but can still come 3 days a week.
Those are still ok, but when they tried to ban all outside deliveries at the gate and only allow us to step out for medicine the shit hit the fan. For a day I was an anxious wreck filled with stress, anger, bitterness and hatred against ignorant people. Because I already suffer diet wise, this lockdown has put a strain on my metabolism and overall health (physical and mental) and that sudden edict was pretty much forbidding me to have meat delivered, along with pet food.

The society management didn't get away with it though, and had to go back on that order, and deliveries to the main gate can't be stopped.

These small things add up and they are frankly taking their toll on me, and wondering if this kind of blatant paranoia coupled with intolerance is something that is going to become a permanent thing in our complex.

May has come, with whatever it brings, at this point I frankly can't bring myself to care or be excited, and that is probably the most depressing post you are reading on Home Cyn Home so far.
I'm all for hibernating until this madness gets sorted out and people get on the same page. I don't hope of getting back to "Normal", because I don't think we'll ever get back to that.
For those of you still having lives that involve making any sort of plans, at home or in your yard (I know some of you State wise still are allowed to get some fresh air) here is the May calendar page.

For those stuck at home in what seems to be a new month called "Maraprilay" still download it and print it, the artwork is still pretty and will brighten your space, and allow you to not completely loose track of time.

The sign of Taurus goes from April 19 to May 20 and is usually associated with the month of May, which is why I used it to illustrate this month's calendar page.

Taurus are said to be ambitious, headstrong, practical and hedonistic, they like comfort and luxuries. I know a few Taurus to know it's quite true, the closest to me being my own sister.

This illustration I created is for sale on a wide array of products on Society6 and Redbubble

This is all for this month, here's to hoping June will be better, because being my birthday month and the usual arrival of the monsoon I always considered it a very special month, this year more than ever, it better deliver in a happy, and awesome way. 

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