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One of the positive about being a freelance illustrator and designer, is that you never really get on standstill, especially if you got into the art licensing business.

My income has of course taken a blow this lockdown, many even working in offices took pay cuts, but all in all, it's not like my work has come to a stop. With sites like Redbubble and Society6 who still deliver in countries that aren't on a lockdown as drastic as for us in India, this means I still get people buying my artwork and designs.

Redbubble has stepped up to the plate and launch a new massively essential item : Masks

Let's face it, masks are here to stay for the near future, and as more countries relax their lockdown, wearing one is becoming a norm, if not mandatory in places.
In a lot of countries though, there is a shortage of medical grade masks, and people have been encouraged to make their own. Which I think is great, except not everyone has a sewing machine, or even know how to sew (or have time). Buying a cloth mask is a good option and if we can make them a bit more stylish with bright and fun designs printed on them, why not?

It's a triple win situation

With those Redbubble masks you get to do 3 good deeds : 

1) Protect others from your germs and viruses by wearing your mask and to an extent protect yourself from catching anything. Though Redbubble is VERY clear in their legal disclaimer: these masks are intended only for the general public and aren't medical grade. 

But see it that way, if everybody wears a mask, that means less contaminated droplets hanging around, and less chances for the remaining droplets to reach you. 

2) For each masks sold, Redbubble will donate a mask to "Heart to Heart International" an organisation that reach out to low income communities, and non medical essential workers and help them stay protected during this pandemic. 

So your purchase will pay it forward ensuring others can stay safe too, how neat is that? 

3) As usual with every purchase made on Redbubble, you pay an independent artist like myself and help them make a living from what they do best. 
Supporting small businesses, independents, creatives and other freelancers is now more important than ever.
We all worry about the economic future, some are even outrage by the fact some of us dare to think about it. But we all need to earn for a living, and the money you spend and where you spend it ALWAYS make a difference. The question you need to ask yourself is WHERE you want that money to spend to go. 

More about these masks

Redbubble is clear about the fact they are intended for the general public, and ONLY for the general public. They are non-medical grade, non-sterile and should not be used in environments where the risk of exposure through inhalation is very high (like in a hospital ICU ward).

They are meant to be worn when you go out where there is going to be people, like when you go grocery shopping, walking your dog, running errands and leading a life according to the social distancing rules in order in your country. 

Redbubble adds that they are intended for adult use only,  they come in one size meant to fit an adult and should NEVER be used on a child below the age of 2 or anybody with a medical issue causing difficulties to breathe. 

They are made of Synthetic fabric, polyester to be exact and has two layers. They are washable, though because the fabric is synthetic, do not put them in super hot water (no washing them on the 60 or 90 degrees cycle in the washing machine). 
Simply wash in a normal wash cycle, or by hand with a little disinfectant if you are really worried and air dry in a sunny spot as UV will kill germs and viruses that could be left behind.

I made several of my designs, especially patterns available on these masks, which you can all find in this section of my Redbubble shop.
They ship worldwide, some of my friends asked if I was shipping them from India, and no I don't, because Redbubble is a print on demand platform, I license my art to them, and get paid a royalty on each sales. They have several fulfilment centers around the world and handle the manufacture and shipping. Shipping charges will apply and are charged extra at checkout. 

They do deliver to India, though I have never tried it, and I doubt they would ship until our lockdown has lifted. 

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