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8:53 AM

I've reached that point in the current pandemic situation at which I want to try new things and work on all those ideas I never really felt like working on or made ridiculous excuses not to tackle.

I've allowed myself time to grieve, feel anxious, feel scared, bored and miserable at time, it was necessary, and now I feel more able to get on with my creative process and figure out new things. I spent a lot of time working with Procreate on my iPad to create digital illustrations and get better at it. I decided to join Patreon after a year of wondering if I should. The last frontier was me finally doing this :

This is the Intro/teaser for my new series of video on YouTube. I uploaded the first full episode yesterday : "overcoming fears and doing it" a 15 minutes long video about me introducing myself, telling you how hard it was for me to make that jump, and what this channel will be all about.

I have been thinking of doing YouTube videos for a while now, I think it's been close to 2 years, and I've always found excuses not to do it.
All more stupid than the previous one, the list kept piling on and on : not the right equipment, editing is hard, no experience, too old, I have a weird voice, a weird accent, my hair looks stupid, I'm fat, I'm too busy, and earlier this week : I can't do it because my balcony is wet (yeah right!)

In the end it really all boils down to the fact I feel terribly self-conscious in front of a camera, but that is more my problem than it is anyone else's and that is really the one thing I needed to get over with. All the other excuses where stupid, that one is a legitimate personal concern, but still not an excuse in anyway. I reminded myself that the only way to push past fear is to just do it, so here I went : I just did it.

What you can expect with Cyn's Studio, as I explain in the end of the video, is me answering questions about being an artist, and selling online, telling you all about my process, inviting you in to see some work in progress, and a peek in my creative journey and possibly tutorials. A friend of mine already asked me to do bullet journal videos, and yes I will do that too. I just checked how an old tripod we had for a DSLR camera was working, and will order a phone holding extension to attach to it so I can position my phone right above my desk for all the work in progress videos that are to come.

So be sure to check my YouTube video, and subscribe because there is more that will come soon. 

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  1. Congratulations on your YouTube debut!

  2. Many congratulations on your youtube debut. You sound exactly like I imagined you to be.


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