How to print stickers at home

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As most of you probably know already, I started putting printables for sale in my Etsy shop so that I could continue running my business without having to ship any products during the coronavirus (as of June 10, International registered post is still not operational in India).

Some of those printables are stickers set such as the "self-care set" or the "Elephant set" among others. At the exception of one set, they all fit on a single A4 page, and all of them can be printed in the comfort of your home on your inkjet printer.

It stroke me though, that some of you might not necessarily know how to print and use them or what setting to use to get the best printing quality, so here is a a little guide to help you make the most of your stickers printable file.

Since I have an inkjet printer, and I'm sure most of you do, this is what I will explain, also this post do contain Amazon affiliate links for products available in India, this means if you click on any of my Amazon India links and make a purchase, I get paid a commission at no extra cost to you.

So, with all this disclaimer bit out of the way, let's dive in

It all starts with sticker paper

While you really can print those stickers on just about any paper, including card stock paper, it would defy the whole purpose of actually calling those a sticker set. 
Sticker paper might sound like a big scary thing, but it's actually not and it's widely available online and in stationery shops these days. 

Some sticker paper is meant to print labels and have pre-cut squares on them, other paper come in a whole A4 sheet you can print on anyway you like. 
For my printable stickers set, that is what you want to buy : A4 with no pre-cut anything.

There are many type of sticker paper to chose from : basic paper finish, matte photo finish, glossy photo finish, glossy vinyl paper, transparent sticker paper...

What you chose is really entirely up to you, but make sure that a) It's really a STICKER paper and b) That it is suitable for an inkjet printer. 

Living in India, this is the paper I use : "TeQuiero Waterproof Pearl self adhesive vinyl sticker paper", the same brand has different other type of sticker paper, including a transparent one which I plan on trying soon.  

Select the right settings on your printer

To print anything, you need to make sure you selected the right settings to begin with, and it is even more important to do so when you are going to print on something glossy like vinyl sticker paper. 

I have an Epson L805 which I reviewed earlier this year, so on mine I used the settings for Epson Sticker photo paper in the advanced settings and I then selected all the high quality options in the setting menu : 

High quality print, high dpi print resolution, glossy paper...

All printers might have different settings and you need to check those, and on a Mac you will be able to access all those advanced option by selecting the "Printer features" option in the drop down menu that is usually set to the "preview" default. 

If you plan on printing stickers regularly, save this super high quality setting as a preset, that way you won't have to check all the options each time. I saved my as "Glossy vinyl sticker" and that is the printer custom setting I use each time I print stickers.

If you aren't sure about what settings works on your printer, you can usually find a guide to your printer model online to help you. 
But all in all, and if you printer doesn't have huge advanced settings list, just select the ones for glossy photo paper with high print quality and you should be good to go. After all, vinyl sticker paper is pretty similar to your standard photo paper, except it has an adhesive layer underneath. 

Using your printed stickers

You printed your sticker sheet, and now what? 

You now need to cut out the stickers you want to use. If you are a crafter or scrapbooking enthusiast, chances are you have a cutting mat and an exacto knife around you can use. 

But if you don't, that's ok, you can use a regular pair of scissors and it will do the trick just fine. 

What I usually do is to take my cutting mat and knife and cut all the stickers off my stickers sheet at once and then store them in a box until I am ready to use them in my bullet journal. 
Another option is to kiss-cut them by applying less pressure on your exacto knife so that only the vinyl sheet is cut and not the paper backing underneath, then you have a pre-cut sticker sheet you can store and use as you would any store bought stickers : by simply peeling of the ones you want as you need them.

Be creative and have fun

How you use your stickers is entirely up to you, so just have fun with your printouts. This tutorial doesn't just apply to the printable stickers set I sell in my shop, you can also apply it to any stickers you created at home yourself and want to print, in any size. 
You can also design your own labels and print them, just make sure you fill your whole page before printing, as it would be sad to just throw away a lot of blank paper for just 2-3 labels or stickers printed on it. 

If you are looking for inspiration on how to set up a bullet journal, head to my "Supplies you'll need to get started" blog post. And if you live in India, make sure you check "Your bullet journal options in India" along with my blog post about where to find the best bullet journalling supplies all in one place (it supports a small business by the way).

Watch my YouTube tutorial 

Since writing this blog post, I got a few questions about printing at home, quality issues, and the fear it would not give a quality print. So, I put together a video tutorial to walk you through the printer settings and even show you how truly waterproof the sticker paper I use is : 

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