India Vibe printable greeting cards

10:36 AM

With the lockdown still affecting my ability to ship orders on Etsy, I have been working on several digital download files for my shop. These are files you can download as soon as you make the purchase and print at your convenience at home on any printer, and your choice of paper.

It is a model I find more and more convenient as the time pass and might continue in the future, even after the international shipping restrictions are lifted, because it saves me time and money having to go to the post office for each order.
But don't worry, I will still keep a number of physical products for sale just the same, it's just that going digital makes a lot of sense, now more than ever, and I am exploring the idea more and more.

The latest in the shop is the "India Vibe printable greeting card set" which is named after the hugely popular India vibe sticker set (which is a physical product I can't ship right now). It's the same 3 designs available as a folded 5x7 inches card with my logo on the back side.

Once you make the purchase, you get to download 3 JPEG files and 1 word document with instructions to print your cards as many times as you need and want. They will look best printed on card stock or photo paper, but you really can print them on any paper you want.

For  my Patreons

I haven't left my Patreons alone, and this month's printable for my top tier Patreons is an exclusive printable postcard merging two of my well known artworks : The groovy rickshaw and the paisley pattern.
You won't find this design anywhere else as I don't plan to publish it in any of my shop. As a top tier patreon, you will also get to download the matching phone wallpaper and ALL the other printables and wallpapers offered the previous months.

For those not familiar with Patreon, it's a nifty little way to support artists and creatives you love and get extra perks you wouldn't get otherwise, and a great way to connect with me. If you want to know more, check out the blog post I made on Patreon.

This week has been slightly eventful with Cyclone Nisarga paying the area a visit, fortunately, Mumbai only saw some strong gusts of wind and a little rain on the 3rd of June, we got more rain on the 4th even though by then the cyclone had left the area to die inland.
This ended up putting my plan on recording a video for YouTube on hold as my balcony was wet, and there was some poor lighting indoors, so  I'll get cracking on this one today and over the weekend as we have now some sun, and for once, none of the stifling heat that comes with it.

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