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Ok peeps! We are getting to the halfway mark of 2020 and I have no idea what day it is, what time is it or why May seemed to drag over what I swear could be 90 days.

I am writing this blog post on the morning of May 30 (had to glance on my calendar icon to tell you that) and as of now the Maharashtra government is hinting at the fact that Mumbai will stay on lockdown, like  for all the other instalments, we don't know the detail yet, we can assume that they are giving us a 15 days increment because that's what they have been doing all along and we still don't really know what the real plan is for anything.

June is my birthday month, and while I will certainly not go out and paint the town red (let's face it it would never happen anyway) the fact we have the right to order non-essential off Amazon and get wine delivered home is going to make my day regardless of what happen.
I am born on June 24th, so either I'll be celebrating in Lockdown 6.0 or in the de-phasing of Lockdown 5.0, you are free to place your bet on which of these two scenario will play out by then.

But, before that, go download this month's calendar page and print it!

Like for all my calendar illustrations, this one is for sale in both my Redbubble and Society6 shops.

June is associated with the Zodiac sign of Gemini, which as a 24th born gal I am not. The sun enters Gemini on May 21st and stays in until June 21st, so technically I am Cancer on the cusp of Gemini.

Gemini are said to be talkative, impulsive, easy going, fun, intelligent, outgoing, indecisive, and adaptable. I know a few from this sun sign to know it's true.
And since I am on the cusp, I tend to share some of these characteristics as well, while an Introvert enjoying her space, I am usually very social when I decide to be, I'm fairly easy going and I think 17 years of living in India has shown I am adaptable, the most defining trait of Gemini I have despite being a Cancerian is impulsiveness and it tend to clash with the control freak planner persona of my Cancer side.
When I start a project, I am torn between over planning and just getting it done already, and I tend to loose patience on projects that simply won't get done as fast as I want them to. This usually translates in those outburst of creative energy that has me wanting to finish all the things right away because if it is not done right now it's no longer really worth doing.

This is exactly the torn persona dilemma I found myself in with the YouTube video thing : years of thinking about it, overcoming an emotional fear, and waiting to be in the right zone (Cancer trait) and then once that bridge has been crossed : It must be done right away, I'm going to dive into it and finish it right here right now which is far more of a Gemini thing.

Since July is actually the month dedicated to my sun sign, you'll have to wait until then to get more inside into the "Depths of Cyn"

Hopefully by then we will be out of lockdown and living a new very public reality of social distancing and mask wearing on top of probably wallowing in ankle deep water in Mumbai...monsoon oblige!

Until then, I'll resume the usual rambling about art stuff and chronicling the pandemic, and of course working on videos, Patreon, more art stuff and possibly new projects...stay tuned! 

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