July 2020 Printable Calendar

8:00 AM

Cancer zodiac sign art print

Welcome to another month of Earth's craziest show!

I think it is safe to say I have lowered my expectations for 2020 drastically at this point and I have pretty much entered that sweet zone of "I no longer give a damn about anything". 

I'd rather do my own thing at home, focus on what I like doing, and this whole S-show of a year can go get lost already. And guess what? It's probably the sanest thing to do at this point, I urge you all to give it a try. Screw the Covid 19 tally, the curve, the worry about the economy, the monsoon playing peak-a-boo and the entire world being plagued by one or more natural disaster. Knowing about it is not helping me do much of anything about it anyway. 

As far as the lockdown is concerned, we are still in it in Mumbai, we still have restrictions of movements (though less intense), school started online on the 23rd, and I lost my laptop rights 5 hours a day because of it. Fortunately, the school programme has been designed in such a way that my involvement is minimal, and all I am doing is re-shuffling my own work routine around my daughter's school hours. 

I am typing these words on June 29th at 6 am, I've been up for an hour and I have until 8.30 before I need to relinquish my laptop for school duty. While my living room will be filled with the voice of 20 kids all talking at once, I'll have breakfast, do some painting and sketching (I actually have a commission to work on these days) and then proceed to cook lunch. I am utterly non-functional between 1 and 4pm, so I usually nap and play silly games on my iPad then, and get back to computer related tasks in the evenings.

So, anyway, here we are, at the start of July, another month of staying home and wondering what new bits of lost privileges and freedom will be restored, at this point I am hoping they start allowing people from outside the complex to come visit. I haven't seen my friends since March 13 and I'm just longing for an afternoon chit chat session on the sofa, cradling steaming cups of tea with them. This is really the only thing I truly miss right now, along with going for a swim. 

Anyway, if you stuck around that long and would rather be on your way before I start rambling about the art and the astrological sign of the month: go download and print this month's calendar page and don't mind the rest. 

removable mural art from society6

As with all my other calendar illustration, this one is available for sale in both my Society6 and Redbubble shop, where they have their own special little section. 

July is associated with the Zodiac sign of Cancer, even though I can tell you as a June 24th born Cancerian that it starts on June 20th and ends on July 22nd. 

Cancers are said to be moody, sensitive, loyal, emotional, highly imaginative and creative and quite tenacious (I bet you didn't see that last one coming). As a native of the sign, I can tell you they are all true and bless my husband, he has two Cancer ladies in his life : me and our daughter, needless to say there isn't a dull day around. 

Born at the beginning of the sign, I am also on the cusp with Gemini, which means I also share a lot of those characters's traits. To make it more interesting, I am also a Scorpio ascendant, and that pretty much magnify's the Cancer's tenacious trait to a highly stubborn level, along with a strong passionate streak and an air of mystery, along with the fact that I can hold grudges for a VERY long time. 

So, this is all me in a crab shell... do what you want with this gem of an info. 

On these words, I leave to pursue other things on my to-do list before school starts, and will see you all again next month for another calendar post (and much sooner for other posts). Right now I am just about ready to welcome a really rainy day and enjoy the chill and gloominess that comes with it. The monsoon reached Mumbai mid-june, but so far we haven't seen much rainy action. 

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