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Casual quarantine wear is the new normal

Raise your hand if you haven't seen that meme about suddenly being afraid of having Covid because you can't breathe and then realise that you've been wearing a bra for the first time in 3 months. If you haven't seen it, you probably saw couple of other memes and videos about learning how to wear jeans and "outside" clothes again. 

Let's face it, staying indoors under a 3+ long months of quarantine might have ruined some people's fashion sense for good. And, for those who like me, worked from home and already had a casual attire, like my own daily uniform, you might have spiralled downward into the next level of casual : PJ wear all day long. 

If that is the case, don't worry, I'm right there with you...most of the time

I spent the last near 4 months pretty much living in the same 3 pairs of PJ shorts and shapeless t-shirts, and now with the monsoon upon us, I sometimes trade the shorts for PJ pants or my beloved palazzo pants. In the early weeks of the lockdown, I would still change clothes to pick up a delivery in the lobby, or at the gate when they did that, but as the time went, less and less F was given about my "public" appearance other than remembering to wear a mask to ride the lift and make a beeline for my parcels in the lobby. I now have reached the critical point at which I can often be caught on the CCTV camera of our building looking like a demented witch with messy hair, face mask and a mismatched set of PJ pants and t-shirt to go pick up my groceries. Demented crazy bonus point if the outfit consist of a floral print pink PJ pair of pants and clashing red and white striped t-shirt. 

I think many of you can relate to that really, what is the point of dressing up when you are going to spend your entire day at home? Possibly working from the bed or sofa, no less! 

In your family, we are profound haters of all things ironing, so the less of it we do the better, and our building is still not allowing the ironingwalla to come back, which means that unless it's really really creased, we don't bother with ironing at all. And if it is something that crease easily, it's probably not really the type of clothes we want to wear too often during this impossibly long lockdown.

I joked with a friend recently, that from July onwards, we are risking seeing a permanent shift in how people will dress in public with each passing week of lockdown going. Give it a few more month and I'm pretty sure that once offices reopen people might be tempted to go back to work in their comfy workout wear. I am certain that more and more ladies will discover the bliss of palazzo pants as we go, those are the closest thing to wearing comfy PJ pants while still being socially acceptable in public people! 

The longer we go, the less easy it will be to go back to "normal" whatever that was, at this point I am not even sure. 

It's not just the clothes that have gone casual to a fault, it's our whole lifestyle : 

- Picking up takeout food in PJ

- Taking a big nap in the middle of the day

- Staying up late to watch movies simply because we don't have to drop kids to school or commute to office anymore

- Being able to take tea breaks without eating in our workload or having our boss be mad 

- Setting up the kids for online classes and then going back to laze in the bedroom until lunch time

And frankly, at the exception of distance learning, which sucks big time, I actually really enjoy most of those "quarantine perks". 

Distance learning, will be the topic of a different blog post because it's a beast of its own and right now it's the reason I am not that active on the blog anymore. 

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