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I launched a Contrado where I can sell my designs as fabric patterns.

I know that several of you asked if I would ever get my designs on fabric, and I have been looking into it for a while but never found a suitable place where I could license said designs. Some places require you to order a proof print (at your own cost) before they publish it, or they ask for exclusivity on the design, which is a no-go for me and last but not least, holding any sort of inventory for me is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE, and certainly not in the crazy minimum amount most printing company in India want you to commit to. 

That's when I finally found out about Contrado. It's an art licensing model Print on Demand company like all the other ones I work with, except that they have a HUGE selection of items I can slap my design to, one of which being licensing my designs as fabric patterns. 

Since I already have a few PoD companies in my portfolio, I decided to tap into this one's unique products. It makes zero sense for me to be present on one more t-shirt, mug printing platform, I have presence in a few, and they do great. 
I've always wanted 2 things : 

- A fabric collection
- Printing my designs on quality bags

And it appears that I am getting both wishes fulfilled on one platform with Contrado as they also have a range of leather bags they can print on. LEATHER! Not cheap vinyl PU or yet another canvas tote or duffel bag, they can print on actual leather! 

I have been actively uploading my seamless tiled designs and organised them into fabric collection, and I will gradually add said design to their leather handbags and wallet collection, as I type this, I have the pretty paisley design in the picture above and my rickshaw pattern available on leather goods. 

I plan on being a lot more selective about which designs I upload on products, and what kind of products I choose to upload on. The plan for now is to stick to leather bags and fabric, but I also noticed they have a cookie tin collection, and I might create a collection of Christmas tins as well.

Many of my designs translate well as patterns, in fact I design a lot of things with the idea of turning them into a tile. Why? Because I tile can be used on a much much wider range of products than a stand alone design. In the illustration and design field, this is known as Surface Design, and if you plan on having your art on products, this is one of those skills you must learn to master. 

Having worked as an Interior decorator what seems a lifetime ago, I've always been around fabric, and I also LOVED working with fabric, fabric has always been my jam! 
I also love purses and bags, my dream home has enough space to store a big collection of purses. I don't care about clothes or shoes, but handbags? Oh yes! So having my designs on handbags is a pretty cool thing I wanted to do for a while.

Contrado will ship worldwide from several fulfilment centers, so go have a look at what's in my store 

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  1. Hey! Have you gotten any sales? Just starting out on Contrado and wondering if the site gets any attraction.

    1. Not yet, but what I sell there is a lot more high end, so I think it'll take more time. Anyway selling on PoD is a game of patience.
      To get sale on any of the PoD platform, you need to drive your audience to those places.


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