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I've been busy with all things Festive on the design front in the past few weeks, my days are consumed with finding ideas for Holidays themed designs. It's always kind of fun to start thinking and creating Christmas stuff in September and October and dive into the festive season design trends. 

But, even though I have Christmas on my mind, I haven't forgotten about Diwali, and have a few patterns and designs in my Society6 shop already. 

This year though, I wanted to tap into the festive season market on Etsy, and the one thing that stopped me last year was that I was exclusively a physical product shop. When you have to take up to 4 weeks into consideration for shipping, this means you pretty much have to start putting holidays themed items for sale before people even think of searching for them, leave alone buying them. I felt like my shopping window was way too tiny to take an inventory risk, it was just not worth it at all. 

This year, thanks to Covid and the mayhem it caused, I found myself pretty much forced to switch to selling printables and only printables in my shop as shipping them at an affordable cost proved to be impossible with IndiaPost suspending their international registered post services.

The good new about tapping into the digital download option, is that I can now have festival themed goodies for sale and not worry about shipping deadlines anymore. 
I plan on having quite a few Christmas themed gift card envelope sets rolled out in in November, but because there is a market outside India for Diwali themed cards, I decided to design a set for my Etsy shop as well 

These envelopes can be printed at home and assembled easily with a pair of scissors and a little glue. The come with a matching printed card you can slide inside with a gift card or some cash. 
I printed the ones in the picture above on thick card stock paper in my printer because I didn't have A4 sized glossy photo paper on hand, which is another paper I recommend to do the job.

The files you'll be able to download straight after purchase will look like this : 

The two card inserts come on one A4 size paper, and each envelope design is a separate file as well. So it's a total of 3 files that are going to be offered to you in this set, which you can get in my Etsy shop today. 

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