The 2021 Calendar is here - Early Bird Special

8:42 AM


I've been hinting at my being busy creating it, and now it is time to reveal the 2021 Printable Calendar in all it's glory. 
If you read the blog regularly, you know that I announced a few changes as to how the 2021 edition is going to be released this year. 

All the previous years, I usually put it all for a FREE download in December, all 12 page of it, and then I would offer each individual page for download again on the 1st of each months. This 2021 Calendar is going to be my 7th Edition, I started in 2015, and each year, I find myself spending hours getting all the details right, to the point that this year, I decided to no longer offer the whole 12 months bundle for free. 

This year, the Calendar will go on sale on Etsy by the end of October. BUT! If you follow me on Patreon as a 3rd tier member (the "My Biggest Fan" tier),  you can download it now, along with all the previous monthly printable rewards, phone wallpapers and coloring pages. You can also watch exclusive Patreon only videos. 

I'll keep offering the page of the month for free, on the 1st of each month, but I am at a point where I realised I spend days and endless hours putting it all together, and that it is a lot of time I no longer really feel offering completely free of charge. It’s not like I don’t already produce a lot of free content. This blog is free to read, my Instagram feeds and peek into my daily life via stories is free, so are the videos on my YouTube Channel

This year of navigating a pandemic, life in lockdown and seeing the way I go about my professional life had me reassess a lot of thing and rethink my priorities and my business model in many ways.

Patreon is actually a great way to support artists and creatives, and doesn’t really cost a whole lot of money. It’s a subscription based model and I offer 3 different tiers each with their own sets of rewards.

I once explained it to a guy on Quora that found the idea of paying to see special content exorbitant saying that it’s like having the opportunity to spend 1hour a month with an artist you love and all you have to do in exchange for that time is buy them a cup of coffee and a snack...Except that you don’t just get to chit chat with the artist on Patreon, you also get cool goodies for that price. 

I’ll announce when the calendar goes live on Etsy in a few weeks, so stay tuned. 

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  1. Hi Cyn, I think you have taken the right decision not to give away your creatives for free. I would love to have your calendar. Looking forward to it. Not familiar with Patreon. I shall check that out. Glad to see you making good progress in the art field.
    I didn't know you had a Youtube channel. I watched the video on bullet journal. It's very nice. I am not good with art and creatives. So, it was a pleasure watching you make that weekly spread setup.

    1. I'm only seeing this comment now, sorry about that, for some reason I don't get the email notifications anymore.
      I need to make more videos for my YouTube Channel, but this whole pandemic is making finding the time to do it difficult, between finding a quite time to record said videos, then having access to the laptop I share with my daughter to edit them and then upload them, on top of all the other creative stuff I do is a challenge.

      Patreon is a subscription based site. When you choose to follow an artist there, you select how much you want to pay each month, most artists have 3 tiers at different prices, and they set what tier gives access to what content and perks.


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