2021 Printable Calendar now on Etsy

4:46 PM


This is it! The 2021 Printable Calendar is now officially live in my Etsy shop as some of you might remember, I first offered it to my tier 3 Patreon as a reward for their patronage, and planned on rolling it out by the end of October. 

I got a bit caught up in a lot of projects so the Etsy launch did get a bit delayed as I needed to get more pictures and a video to go with my listing and thanks to online school still being our reality, my laptop time gets limited to afternoons, when I am at my least productive ever. 

Here is a little video to show you what the pages look like in real life, as I test printed all of them on my printer last week : 

This calendar is so big in size, that I could not upload the PDF file directly to Etsy, compressed or otherwise, so if you purchase it, you'll be receiving a Word Document with all the instructions to go download the whole PDF file straight on my Google drive.

If you live in India and for any reason have issues buying on Etsy, please contact me directly for payment options and I'll email you the instructions to open the file directly. 

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