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This advent calendar was made out of 24 toilet paper roll tubes and I have been using for the 3rd year.

If you've been following that blog for a while (read years) you know I am a big fan of advent calendars and have been doing one every year since 2010.

I've done different types of the years but one that has always been my to-go choice was doing a Christmas tree out of cardboard tubes (toilet paper rolls). I did 2 disposable ones, then moved on to using an elaborate paper cup calendar for a few years (it was my first reusable one) and when it served it's last Christmas in 2017, I was forced to contemplate creating a new advent calendar for 2018, and I already knew back then I wanted it to be re-usable, because creating a whole advent calendar from scratch takes time, and I'd rather just be left with the task of getting the goodies to fill it with rather than do a humongous craft project every November. 

This is when I came up with the "Gold Tree Advent Calendar" : 

When I created it, I went back to my favourite toilet paper roll Christmas tree format, but instead of sealing the gift in each tube with paper that would have to be cut out like I did twice before, I decided to leave it completely open so that once the season was over, I would simply put it in a box, and back in storage, ready to be refilled the next year. 

2020 marks the 3rd Christmas this simple calendar is going through, and there is no turning back. I really should have done that years before and saved myself a lot of time and sanity. 
All I have to do now is buy the goodies that will go in it, wrap them, and make little tags with the numbers on it. 
This year the whole process of wrapping everything and making the tags took about an hour of my time, and because my daughter is 11 now, we are keeping the content a lot simpler too : nothing but chocolate.

Those cardboard rolls are sturdy, and so is the whole structure, if you recall from the original blog post, I glued those 24 rolls using quick fix glue and I then spray painted the whole thing gold.
I have a big plastic box with a tight lid in which I store it when not in use, so even 3 years of Mumbai monsoon didn't do a thing to it. The only sign of age is the gold paint looking a bit less shiny than it once did, but it gives it a lovely vintage look, if that bothered me (which it doesn't) I could have easily sprayed it with a fresh coat of gold paint, it's that easy. 

The big advantage of a reusable calendar, is that you can fill them with different things over the year, it grows with the child too, and you could even make a grown up version of it for a friend stuffing it with gift vouchers, coupons or cute little messages, or for a tea lover like myself : tea bags.  
You are only limited by the size of the gift compartment and your imagination when it comes to finding gifts to put in it. 

Are you doing an advent calendar? What goes in it? Let me know in the comments below. 

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