A quick dinning chairs makeover with slipcovers

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giving a fresh look to old chairs on a budget with elastic slip covers

 I've been left with a dinning chair dilemma for quite some times, and while I haven't solved the problem just yet, I have found a temporary solution that isn't half bad, so much so, that if you are in the same kind of place, this might come in handy for you guys too. 

I've had the dinning set in the picture above since November 2010 and the chairs have always been a bit of an issue as they have been made with cheap padding material to begin with. 10 years later, we pretty much sink through them, and have been using chair pads on them for quite some time now 

4 years ago, I already reupholstered those chairs myself using some old curtains fabric because the original brown velvet on them was dirty and worn out. As you can see in the picture above, the turquoise and grey fabric I used met the same fate. 

The dilemma I've been facing for a while now has been this one : 

- Have those chairs re-padded and reuphosltered
- Buy new chairs

Reupholstering and re-padding them could possibly set us up a lot more than it would cost to buy new chairs to begin with. The other part of the dilemma has to do with the fact that I'm leaning toward painting my dinning table with chalk paint, wither white, or the same sea foam green I used on my coffee table a few years ago. If I ever do it, and right now the itch to do it is getting stronger, this means that the chairs would have to get painted too. 

The problem is that if I paint them before having them re-padded, I take the risk of seeing the sofa maker chipping my paint job, and if I do it afterwards, I take the risk of getting paint on the new upholstery. If I ask the guy to paint the chairs along with all the padding and upholstery repair, I set the price tag on those chairs a lot higher than would be considered sane considered they are mass produced chairs. Fixing these chairs could set me up way above 8k a chair while new ones would set me up about 5k a chair. As you can see, it's a dilemma that could keep me pondering a while longer. 

it all boils down to : "Do I love these chairs enough to shell money on them" and that is a question I haven't really answered just yet. 

Meanwhile, they have been an eyesore for the past few years, and the past year of pandemic has really had me cringe at their sight. 
This is what happens when you spend all your time at home people! You start hating a lot of things in your home decor to the point of extreme loathing. The dinning chairs in my dinning area belong to that category, but I'm not yet hating them just enough to throw big money at the problem to make it disappear. 

So, this week, while I was once again debating buying new chairs, I stumbled upon a decent alternative to my ugly chairs despair : elastic slip covers! Turns out there are quite a few options of design and styles for these on Amazon, and in the end, I decided to go with a cute turquoise and tan leaf pattern on a white background (that link is an affiliate link by the way).

The set has 6 covers, and despite what you see in the first picture, I do have 6 chairs in total, thanks to having spent nearly a year home, hubby decided to drag one of the chair to the balcony right off our home office so he could get cigarette breaks without leaving the room, so that chair has been exposed to the elements all that time and I won't put a cover on it. 

Those covers are a one size fits all, made of stretchy fabric that you just slip on the chair in the same way you would put a fitted sheet on a mattress, they stay put once on, even when like in my case, I put them over the chair AND old chair pad cushion. 
They can be removed easily and tossed in the washing machine once dirty, and if I ever get bored of that design, I can just order another one. Until I make a permanent decision regarding my dinning chairs and table, this seems to be the right way to go. 

The padding is really destroyed, so even the ugly turquoise chair pad you see on the uncovered chair is barely enough to make the chair somewhat comfy at this point. I ordered new chair pads for 4 of the chairs to put on top of the slipcovers, I am still waiting for them to be delivered, which should take another day or two. 

Meanwhile my dinning chairs are no longer an eyesore in my living room, and as you can see, my dog approves of them too. 

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