Introducing : the mini printable sticker set

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This mini printable sticker set is now available in my Etsy shop

How is the new year treating you guys? I have been a bit MIA on the blog, and have been posting a tad bit less on Instagram because I am soaking up the peace and quiet of January. I do it every year after the festive season. 

That doesn't mean I haven't been busy on the creative front though, I have been spending the past two weeks creating new work, jotting down ideas for future projects and one of them was focusing on creating a whole collection of "Mini printable stickers set" for my Etsy shop.

So far, I have launched 2, and there is an additional one in the pipeline ready to go live. Mini printables are exactly what the name suggest they are : 

Small size sticker sets which you can print in multiple copies on one sheet of paper. Printed at their largest those printable will be 10.5 cm wide for 15 cm tall and 4 copies of the file will fit nicely on a A4 sticker paper sheet.
I ended up preferring printing them smaller for myself, selecting to print 6 copies instead of 4 on one sheet though, and that is the beauty of printable files, you can decide to print any of them in a smaller size if you need it. 

This cute llama stickers set is available as a printable in my Etsy shop

  The two sets I have currently live in my shop are  the Groovy Rickshaw set and the No drama llama set
Since they are printable files you get to print home on your home printer, it means that you will need to cut the stickers out  yourself.  In the listings video I show you how to kiss cut them with an exacto knife, but you can also cut them out completely out of the set either with the exacto knife or regular scissors. 
I opted to only include the JPEG file in the purchase to limit design theft, so those of you who have a Silouhette or Cricut cutting machine, you can create your own cutting map after editing the original file, but remember that it's going to be for your personal use only. 

Right now I am still only selling printables out of my Etsy shop because of all the pandemic logistics nightmare going around the world. I am thinking of reintroducing some of my best selling physical products at one point, but I haven't come to this decision just yet. 

Printables make sense on so many levels for small items like cards and stickers which I typically sell. It reduces shipping costs, and the delivery is instant upon purchase which means you don't have to worry about delivery times especially if you are ordering something for a special event. 

I created a YouTube video to show you exactly how to configure your printer setting to print on glossy sticker paper : 

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