January 2021

8:30 AM

 Happy New Year everyone! 

I hope you had a good time ringing in the new year, even if this time around it was a muted celebration. I for myself am glad to put 2020 behind. 
I have no idea what 2021 will bring, but I am more than ok with it at this point, 2020 threw so much crazy at all of us that I kind of feel ready to tackle a new year, and if I have to do it wearing my PJ pants and messy hair, then be it! 

As I am typing these words it's actually December 30th, because I like planning these posts a bit in advance, and 2020 has been the year of fighting for office space and laptop time. I'm not going to lie, I'm done with having everyone at home all the time. This creative artist just about had had enough of not having her space, but hey I'm sure it'll make for an interesting chapter in my success story biography one day. 

My month of December was actually a busy one, I took full advantage of the fact restaurants are opened and made up for all those months of not seeing much of my friends. I also ended up running a table runner factory on my dinning table having been commissioned 3 of  my rustic Christmas table runner, did quite a few craft projects in the month. 

Now, January is upon us, and with it the hope and expectation of a good new year to come. Some of you will make resolutions, many of you will forget about those resolution by February and life will go on. 
I'm right now working on setting my goals for 2021, because I don't do resolutions, other than the resolution to keep on being awesome that is. 

One of my 2021 goals is to get better at hand lettering, a skill I have been struggling for years and that I want to be able to add to my creative portfolio, so for January I set myself the goal of completing at least one Skillshare class on hand lettering. I am yet to decide what other goals have for the year to come, I still have unfinished business from 2020 that I can carry forward into the new year though. 
I'm happily going to continue that self-help journey I embarked on over the past few months and keep on working on eliminating habits and patterns that no longer serve me. 

Now that I have rambled about my life, let's talk Calendar shall we? You already know that this time around I decided not to offer all 12 pages at once on the blog. I'll instead release the page of the month on the 1st of said month. This means that you can go download the January 2021 page now and be done with reading this blog post if that's what you came here for. 

This year the artwork will not be up for sale in my Society6 or Redbubble shop because I drew it as a A4 size file on my iPad and it would greatly limit the amount of products I could sell it on. Instead, my tier 3 Patreons can download a post card version of it and my tier 2 can get it as a mobile phone wallpaper. 

The full calendar is also available to my tier 3 Patreons, and is for sale in my Etsy shop as well so if you really want the option of having all 12 months at once right now, know that this option exist, it's just that I am not offering it for free anymore. 
You can also find other printables, including cards, art prints and stickers set in my Etsy shop. 

And that is about it for this month's calendar post check in. What are your goals and resolution for the year ahead? Let me know in the comments below. 

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  1. Hi Cyn, I wish you and your family a fruitful, safe, happy, healthy 2021.

    I just hope 2021 is better in every way compared to what we went through in 2020. I guess is that we will inch a bit more close to we were used to, though caution will keyword.

    My latest post: A new year like never before

    1. Happy New Year!

      With all its craziness, I'm still going to count 2020 as a good year. Not the year I expected, definitely a year of challenges, but as you said a year of learning.

      I read an article a few days back pointing to the fact that 2020 pretty much magnified already existing traits in people and also that we all been restored to kind of "default setting".

      Those weren't much for blaming their short comings on something simply adapted to the new situation and kept on going, those who had the tendency to see bad and evil in everything continued to do so in a magnified way, and those who tend to play a victim role in reaction to things happening in their lives did use 2020 as a way to validate their behaviour.

      Personally I have always been the fighter type, and looking back at all this, this is exactly how I ended up tackling the year of crazy. I had a brief period of grief like everybody had around April-May, I knew from past experiences what to do with it and let it run its course naturally, and the instant the will to start doing stuff again stroke, I jumped on it and found new ways of doing things, re-evaluated certain things as well.

      In a way 2020 for me felt a bit like the journey I went through moving from Switzerland to India back in 2003, suddenly life as I knew it went for a toss and I had to adapt to an entire new reality. There was back then a million things that could have sent me over the edge and on a plane back home, but I pushed past the discomfort. With 2020 I have done the exact same thing.

  2. Wishing you a very happy and healthy new year.


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