February 2021

8:00 AM


The February 2021 calendar page is up for download

How did the first month of 2021 treat you all? For me it was a blissfully quiet months during which I managed to achieve a lot of things without any distraction. January always had that effect on me, I get to unwind after the festive season, and set myself up for the year ahead. 

I am now ready to step into February and a fresh set of monthly goals and no special expectations of any sort. Last year none of us knew that February would have been the last month of "normal" we would ever get, and 12 months later, I am at a point were I don't care what normal once was, or wonder when "normal" will ever come back, in the past 11 months, I learned to make do with what was and got to the point at which going with the flow is probably the sanest thing to do. 

I wish I had more to share on this 1st of the months check in, but life really just went on as usual in January. I kept creating new artwork, have ideas for more projects to come, did a mini presentation about Printables for my fellow Etsy sellers, and took time to relax and enjoy the cooler weather like I do every year, knowing that this period of socks wearing bliss will end quicker than anticipated. 

The 1st of the month means the February calendar page is now up for download for all those of you who aren't following me on Patreon or purchased it off my Etsy shop.

The artwork for this month's calendar page is available to my tier 2 Patreon as a phone wallpaper, and to my tier 3 as a postcard printable. Additionally, my top tier also has access to the whole 12 months calendar printable.

I wasn't planning on making the artwork available in my Society6 shop initially, mostly because I created it in an A4 format which limits the range of products it can be printed on, but, many of you on Instagram suggested I do it anyway, so I did upload the January artwork, and will publish the February one very soon. 

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