March 2021

8:00 AM

Printable calendar page for the month of March 2021

 Let's tackle the last month of this 1st 2021 quarter shall we? 

As I type this, it is February 26, and I am enjoying both my office AND my brand new laptop at the same time with a renewed creative energy and a no-BS attitude! 

March! We are in March already people! Last year on the exact same date we all still had no idea we would be soon spending most of our time at home and had no idea life as we knew it was about to go for a toss. 
Fast forward to now, we still have no idea when this whole madness will end,  the cases are on the rise in Mumbai and there is very little progress done on the vaccine front (are we even all going to get it this year????)
But guess what? Life goes on, and if there is one thing this past 12 months taught me is that you got to adapt and keep going. It's with this "If life gives you lemons make lemonade" approach that I am entering this month. 

This last week of February I got a taste of what life used to be with hubby going on a business trip, and I decided to fix my laptop sharing conundrum once and for all by buying myself a new one so I can work on my terms again, which feels AWESOME. 

The beginning of February was a bit slow, I was in one of those creative slump which are totally normal if you are in any creative line of work. I no longer feel guilty about these and embrace the lazy life while my mind rests and rejuvenate and doing so actually makes those slump cycles a lot shorter than they used to be. 

Anyhow, here we are, ready to embrace March in all its glory, and if you just came here to get your free March 2021 printable calendar page, you can now skip the rambling that follows. 

If you follow me on Patreon, the artwork for this month's calendar page has been made available as a phone wallpaper for my tier 2 Patreons and a printable postcard for my tier 3. 

I'm also going to upload it soon on select items in my Society6 shop, like I did for my two previous illustrations. 

On these wise words, I am going to leave you all to get all the things I need to do today and draft a few blog posts to come. The next everyday life update will come on the 1st of April (along with the calendar  page). 

Wishing you all an awesome month ahead, and please do hang out around here, the blog is more than just a free printable once a month. 

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