April 2021

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It's March 31st as I type these words, and I have been on house arrest since waking up on March 20th. Why? Because in Mumbai the municipality will seal an entire building if there are more than 5 Covid cases.

This means that nobody gets in or out, all our groceries are to be picked up from steps in front of the lobby if we are in a non affected flat, and those living in an affected flat gets theirs delivered by the security staff. It seems affected flats are also not allowed to dispose of their garbage along with the rest of us but have to wait for a special collector in hazmat suit to pick it up. 
A lot of this experience is quite dehumanising if you ask me and very punitive. Before we went on seal we kept getting warnings from our society management that was barely concealing the idea that we were all bringing it upon ourselves. Then on the first day of the seal which we got without a warning, the informations relayed to us about the protocol were ambiguous, and a lot of info came a few days later leaving us wondering about it. 
When the BMC sent a team to log the age and name of every residents, it was done in a cold way, we clearly just were names to be put on a list. We asked if we were going to be tested, the answer was no as we were apparently not at risk enough to be considered close contacts, but apparently still way too much at risk to even be allowed to walk the dog down the building. 

It really feels like we are just put on hold just so that the government can "prove" they are doing something, anything to address the spread of the virus, but it has very little rhyme and logic. 

Anyway, I'm free to go on April 2nd, and can't wait to get back to walking my dog and soaking the morning sun as I do it. 

Meanwhile, it's a brand new month, and the occasion for you all to go download and print the April 2021 calendar page. 

My Patreons already got to download and print this adorable postcard with the calendar art if they are a tier 3 member, and a phone wallpaper if they are tier 2 and above. 

I will upload this artwork on a very limited array of products in my Society6 shop shortly as I have done with all the previous 2021 Calendar artworks so far. 

Here's to a less complicated and frustrating month to come! The heat is on, so the longing for the monsoon is likely to be kicking in shortly. I'll see you all for another monthly recap and a new calendar page on May 1st. 

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  1. This type of sealing of apartments is less prevalent in Delhi maybe initially. We had a few cases but our apartment was not sealed. My sister a government servant, lives in a government colony in south Delhi. Her family was also affected by corona but there was no wholesale sealing of the complex. Just the poster on their door and the municipality people guiding them on telephone.

    Meanwhile, the new academic session also started with online classes. The online classes are not going to leave us in peace for a long time.

    April reminds me about new books. I used to read the english and hindi literature books from end to end, because I was fond of literature. My least favorite was the maths book, which gave me shivers, as if ghosts would spring out of it if I opened it.

    1. Sealing only the affected flat makes sense. Right now I have a friend whose husband tested positive, but the municipality won't test her despite her having symptoms because they said they don't have time to do this, they also don't have time to have the municipal Dr check with them and make sure they are ok. Meanwhile in public press release they announce that they are doing contact tracing and making sure people are treated.

      We got a new set of restrictions in the State, yet all official documents state that essential workers all should get vaccinated so that they can curb the spread. There is still that super fake notion that the vaccine prevents TRANSMISSION doing the round. Nobody seems to care to inform themselves about the fact that the vaccine only prevents people who catch it from becoming symptomatic.

      As long as this simple notion is not grasp we are going to be going through this nonsense


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