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crocodile t-shirt from Teepublic

 The beauty of being a freelance artist/illustrator is that there is no limit to the number of places you can license your design on. A few weeks ago I joined the Teepublic family and you can now buy a lot of my most popular designs on their t-shirts and more. 

When I joined, they offered to send a t-shirt sample my way so I pick my pink crocodile one on a charcoal t-shirt. The company is based in the US but ships worldwide, so it also was a great occasion for me to check how long it would take for it to reach India,  verdict : it took around 10-12 days. 

I'm living about 90% of my time in casual t-shirts, they are pretty much part of my daily uniform. I'm very particular about t-shirts and for me to like them, they should be soft, well cut, and feel like a second skin. Out of all the t-shirts I own, only a select few meet all criteria and made it to the very exclusive circle of "all time favourites". 
I'm proud to announce that this one makes it to the inner circle of awesome t-shirts because it really feels great to wear. 

Of all the PoD sites I sell on, this one has the most comprehensive size chart when it comes to t-shirts. They not only list all the measurements, they also have a whole list of models in different body type of shape wearing several size options so you get a very good visual of how the t-shirt will look depending your built and the size of tee you pick. It's really a matter of looking at which of the model matches your body type, look at their own body measurements and then look which of the 3-4 sizes they wear in the pictures to see which one you would feel the best wearing. 

For the reference, the t-shirt above is a classic t-shirt in size XL because I don't like feeling tight in my clothes. 

I played with filters and effects when I took that selfie, because the lockdown life is a bit mundane and bland and I'm all for having fun. The actual colors are closer to this : 

The t-shirt itself is a bit lighter, but the artwork colors pretty much match the original in the digital file, the print quality is great and all the tiny splatter texture effect of the original rendered pretty well. 

Apart from the wide range of t-shirts and apparel which are their main items (it's in the name! TEE-public) they also sell phone cases, mugs, laptop sleeves, totes, cushions, stickers, magnets, button pins, masks and tapestries. 

I am adding new work daily in my Teepublic shop because I have a HUGE portfolio of designs that translates quite well as t-shirts, so do check it regularly. 

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  1. That's true about being a freelancer. Hope it's going well.

    1. It's going well, thank you :-)
      One of the great advantage of freelancing is that I have the flexibility to adapt to the situation.

  2. You are looking good in the t shirt.


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