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9:28 AM


It's official! Home Cyn Home is all set to send weekly newsletters, and all you got to do is subscribe. All you got to do is enter you email in the box on the side bar where it says "Never miss and update"

Some of you might be a bit confused because you were already getting email notifications each time I posted something on the blog. Alas this service is going to be discontinued in a few months as I just got an email from Feedburner informing me they were going to stop sending emails in July. 

It is now up to me to make sure my subscribers get those updates, but instead of simply uploading my Feedburner list into the newsletter service I chose, I decided to not do it. 
I have no idea who still wishes to get emails from Home Cyn Home and I don't think it's fair for me to sign everyone up by default without their consent, so I opted out of NOT transferring all those emails to Mail Chimp. 

Instead I am leaving you guys the choice to sign up or not. 

The new Newsletter format will be different, you will get a email from me once a week or when there is a super special announcement and all the updates from the week will be send every Sunday. 
This new format will allow me to send you pictures, write more personal text, share stories and shop updates. I believe it's going to be great fun and a nice step up from just getting short blog feeds with no picture in your mailbox. 

So are you ready to come on board? 

Awesome! Either fill the form in the sidebar or just use the one below : 


* indicates required

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