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This month I set myself the goal of writing 6 blog posts and it turns out I was one post short to that goal, so I challenged myself to come up with a quick idea just so I can cross this one of my list. 
I feel great each time I achieve a goal and this one is a rather achievable one, not chalking it off would have required a pretty lame excuse at this point. 

All this past month, I dedicated my weekly newsletters to self-care, and made a point of writing down at least one little happy positive thing each day, and I shared cute little happy snippets of my daily life in my Instagram stories as well. 

What it  made me realise, is that it's easy to take all the small little pleasure of life for granted if we don't focus on them, yet, our daily life is ALWAYS full of such small moments. 
People have the tendency to only think something is worthy if it's a big thing, a loud in your face moment of happiness. You know the type of moment that would be validated as really happy by the whole society, the kind of moment which in a movie would either come with a big fanfare, or a lot of cheesiness. 
But, what about the little pleasure? The ones we tend to overlook because they are so ridiculously simple and mundane they almost feel normal? You know, things like hearing your favourite song on the radio, or the smell of rain, or your dog zooming across the flat back and forth. 
Those don't seem like a lot, but at the end of a day, they add up to a lot, and if you make a conscious effort to list them all, you are very likely to realise that they will more often than not outweigh the bad. 

In a way, it's pretty similar to listing all the things you are grateful for at the end of a day, which is another habit I have at bedtime and have had for years. If you focus well enough, you'll be able to come up with 10 things you are grateful or happy for in a matter minutes (yes that fast).

To give you an idea, I am sharing 31 things that made me happy this month, straight from the pages of my bullet journal : 

1) Listening to the birds waking up in the morning

2) Watching my glass tea kettle boil the water (listening to it too)

3) Had my favourite type of eggs for breakfast (soft boiled with bread sticks if you must ask)

4) Completed a fun Skillshare class and drew a cool dream house.

5) Ordered chicken bao on take out day

6) The sound of my wind chimes on a windy day

7) Made an amazing sourdough bread sandwich

8) Playing board game as a family

9) Ordered a cake on mother's day because I don't wait on others to celebrate me

10) Watching Netflix without guilt

11) Peach flavoured tea and potato chips evening snack

12) Listening to relaxation music at bedtime

13) Sorted out my accounting and finances on the computer

14) Made Goa pork sausage for lunch and inhaled the smell of it the whole day long

15) Pizza for lunch and dinner

16) Painting my balcony cane chairs

17) Rainy, cloudy, cozy day

18) Watching Star Wars in bed

19) Sushi for take out Wednesday

20) Talked to a friend on the phone after ages

21) Bought new books

22) Client contacted me after weeks of radio silence

23) Lychees are back in season

24) The dandelion tea I ordered got delivered

25) Schitt's creek finale was awesome

26) Loved the topic of today's business course I am taking

27) Went for a long walk down my building

28) Lucifer is back on Netflix

29) My cook's stuffed mini eggplant dish was AMAZING

30) Mom calling me

31) Lovely rain spell in the morning

As you can see, it's pretty random, and there is a lot more like these I wrote down in the pages of my journals all through the month, not to mention all the ones I listed on Instagram and then one I said thanks for at bedtime. 
If you are struggling finding something, it's probably because you are overthinking it, so just ask yourself what is that in your daily routine makes you feel good without usually noticing. For me it would be the first cup of tea of the day, no matter what, that first cup is always the most special, and this is so routine, that I often overlook it when in fact that one cup of tea is what sets the tone for my day. This first cup of tea, is the first thing I do that is positive every morning, no matter what. Heck! It's the first thing I do after waking up, the world could be on fire, making myself that first cup of tea, is always going to be the big priority before I tackle anything else. 

It's my way of telling myself "You are important and what you do matters a great deal", we all have those moments, what's yours? 

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