May 2021

8:56 AM

April came and went and it's time to download, print and plan again!

I know my calendar says 2021, but frankly, it feels like 2020 all over again : we are back on lockdown, for a while non-essentials were banned even on Amazon in the State, and we are going to be playing the overtime with increments of 15 days again it seems. 

The lockdown in Maharashtra was supposed to end today, but in the view of everything in India at the moment we are going to be staying put for at least another 2 weeks, though at this point I think it's going to extend beyond that and I might be celebrating another Lockdown Birthday in June. 

I'm keeping myself busy learning new skills, doing mini wellness challenges like the "treat yourself like a VIP" one I did all through April. In May I decided to find at least one snippet of positivity to share each day, and I plan on sharing it via Instagram, in my IG stories. We are all at a point at which its easy to let the doom and gloom claim us and eat us alive, there is no shortage of horror going on at the moment, but getting consumed by stress, fear and anxiety is really the last thing to give in to right now, those feelings can actually affect your immune system badly, a thing we all need to avoid as much as possible right now. 

I'll write about this mini-challenge in more details next week, but feel free to join me on Instagram to get your daily doses of warm fuzzies ok? 

The artwork that goes on this month calendar page has been released a few months ago to my Patreons as a printable postcard and a phone wallpaper. All of which is still available to all new Patreons whenever they join and depending at which tier they choose to join at. 

Like all the previous artwork for this year, I will release it on select items in my Society6 shop in the next couple of days as well. 

In the meantime, I hope you all stay safe and healthy and please do what you can to take care of your mental health as well. It's the thing nobody really talks about right now, but it's very important too. If you feel low, and feel you can't manage it, please do reach out to a healthcare professional in anyway you can, or check if there is a NGO or a hotline where you live to help you. 

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