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As I mentioned it in the printable calendar post, I am challenging myself to find something positive, anything each day during the month of May. I also announced that I would be posting positivity snippets in my IG stories everyday to inspire you all to do the same. 

Why? First because we are all living stressful time, no matter where we live in the world, but even more so for those of us living in India right now. It's easy to get consumed by the negative, doom and gloom and stress ourselves a lot more than we would otherwise. It's no joke, I spent a fair chunk of my time last week feeling helpless, angry, and wondering what kind of future we have ahead of us. 

Then, because May is Mental Health awareness month and it's about time we all pay attention to that. The death toll of Covid, the physical impact the virus has on people is one thing, but let's not forget that this pandemic is taking its toll on EVERYONE, even those who test negative and are physically healthy. We are all going through a lot of stress, mounting anxiety, and there is an increase in suicide as well. We are all looking at long term emotional repercussions that are currently widely ignored by many and probably not fully understood yet. 

While I'm no therapist, or healthcare professional, I know I can do my bit by just making a conscious effort to find at least one thing to be happy about each day, and share that with others. It might only bring a smile on your face for a minute, but it's a minute less of mulling over something we have no control over, so I'll take it. 

I also believe that we take a lot of our daily activities for granted, and often go on about it on auto-pilot, so challenging myself to consciously look for something positive or something that makes me smile is a way for me to live a bit more in the moment: Listening to my tea kettle boil the water for my first cup of the day, cuddle with my dog, taking the time to appreciate Wednesday take out day (a thing we have been doing for years), these are all small thing I would normally not think about much but are all nice warm positive little snippets in my day. 

The point of this challenge is to find little joys in the seemingly mundane, and celebrate these. You can write them down in a journal, share them via your social media, take pictures of your special moments and build a photo album, as long as you just make a point to focus on those small things that you would probably overlook most of the time.

As I said, I share some of mine on my Instagram stories, I write others in my bullet journal, and I make sure to list them in my mind at bedtime when I do my daily gratitude practice. 

Finding little positivity snippets during your day isn't about suppressing the negative though, it's about making sure there is enough in the balance so that you do not get engulfed by all the negative there is around you. If you are having a low day, don't ignore or dismiss it, just make sure you are giving yourself space to heal. 

I said it in my last newsletter, and I'll say it again here, if you find yourself dealing with extreme emotions, a sudden lack of interest in everything, even your hobbies, or find yourself entertaining dark thoughts about death or suicide, PLEASE do reach out to a healthcare professional or a hotline IMMEDIATELY. Depression is a real thing and it needs to be addressed by a professional. 

Also, all through the month of May, I'll be re-sharing old blog posts about self-care in my weekly Newsletter, they come out every Sunday, and if you haven't signed up already you can do so filling the form below : 


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  1. A very good initiative, Cyn. Even I try to do that. It helps a lot. At the end of the day, it's all "in the" and "about" the mind.

    1. In one of the many motivational speech MP3 I have on my phone, one of them says that what happens in your life only amounts for 10% the other 90 is how you react to what is happening. I find that very powerful.


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