The pastel mid-century home project

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A cute pastel pink and mint A frame cabin surrounded by pine trees

 With the lockdown dragging and playing in extra time in Mumbai, I have a lot of time on my hand to try new things all from the comfort of my home. One of which lead to me planning a whole illustration series I call the "Dream Home project" in honor of the amazing Skillshare class by Cat Coq I took recently. 

If you are an artist looking at learning new skills in order to start selling I HIGHLY  recommend all of her classes. This particular class was about drawing our dream homes in Procreate on the iPad, and as a suck for architecture and design, I just HAD TO take it and I just about had a blast with it. 

The A-Frame cabin above is not the first one I did, because the first thing on my mind was a beach house : 

A cute pastel pink and mint beach house with big windows and a glass dome

In real life, I ALWAYS look for big windows when I got flat hunting, which has happened a lot in the past 17 years of my life in India. The bigger the better, I need that natural light flooding in or else I feel very claustrophobic. I also love watching the night cityscape through the current big balcony doors I have all over my current flat. With that in mind, it made sense that my dream home would have all of that and more, which is why I added a skylight dome to said home. 

I feel particularly inspired by the mid-century modern architecture of clean geometric lines, which is why both my beach house and A-frame cabin are inspired by this period. 
I'm having a while project idea of drawing all kind of modern type homes in that same pastel pink and mint palette (along with not yet released color variations). The other day on Instagram, one of my follower suggested and off-planet dream home and that is probably the one I'm going to draw next in the series because a lady can't have too many dream homes can she? 

If you are a commercial artist and illustrator, one of the hot trend of the moment is anything mid-century modern which is the style period that covers the 50's, 60's and to an extent the 70's as well. From a design perspective it is a period that is quite rich and diverse in matter of color palette, motifs and patterns which means you are pretty much guaranteed to find something that resonates with your audience, be it geometrical designs, florals or bold color palettes. 

My mid-century houses are available in my Society6, Redbubble, Pixels and Teepublic shops and as a printable art print in my Etsy shop

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