June 2021

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We are almost at the halfway mark of 2021 and frankly so far it is looking awfully like a plagiarized version of 2020, that or it's a poker game between the two years and 2021 raising up the ante.

May has really felt like I was back to last year with the lockdown extensions, and two cyclones hitting India. Last year the west coast got hit in early June by a mild one, this year we got to witness a much bigger one  strolling up all the way up the Arabian sea, creating a lot more havoc than the one that hit near Mumbai did last year and apparently it was the West coast's turn to get hit first following by the East coast seeing the landing of their own cyclone....sigh! 

With May and its antics behind us, we are now eagerly waiting for the arrival of the Monsoon in Mumbai which should hopefully be early next week. I am also looking at my second lockdown birthday on June 24th because let's face it, restaurants aren't going to be open to the public then.

The difference between this year and the last one, is that I no longer am in grief mode, and I pretty much ran out of ability to care about the madness that is unfurling. I do my own thing, stay away from what irritate the crap out of me, and patiently wait for the time we'll get access to the vaccine (whenever that will be).

My bullet journal last year was fairly empty and I wasn't making a whole lot of plans, this year I am keeping myself busy with plans, ideas and weekly goals and pretty stickers to tick them off. 

Speaking of planning, I know some of you only came for the month's printable calendar, so you can go download and print your copy and move on. While some of you might want to hang out just a bit longer in this blog post to know about the artwork. 

June is a blue with bits of purple month in my mind, if you are a long term reader, you know that have synesthesia and that in my mind months have specific color scheme. I try to replicate those color as closely as possible in my calendars each year, and in my bullet journal pages because if it looks visually wrong, it tend to make me a bit unsettled. It also has the advantage that I don't need an index in my Bullet journal, I can find the months easily just glancing at the color scheme I used. 

Anyway, the art has been available as a printable postcard for my tier 3 Patreons for a while now,  and as a phone wallpaper for my tier 2. 
Like with all the previous calendar artworks this year, I will make this one available in select items in my Society6 shop within a few days. Since I designed all the artwork in A4 format with the calendar in mind, they don't go on a whole lot of items in my shop. 

This is all for this month, just a reminder that the Feedburner email feed will stop very soon and that if you were receiving blog posts update in your mailbox, it won't happen very soon. I created a new newsletter service and if you want to keep getting updated you can subscribe to it now using the form below or in the side bar. I send newsletters with the recap of the week, and links to older blog posts every Sunday, and sometimes i include little freebies and discounts as well. 


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  1. It has been an unusually cool May and June in Delhi with incessant rains. There is terrible news all around for one month. Covid has left a trail of death and almost everyone I knew including me were affected. I got infected a few days before the first dose of vaccination. I have since recovered. I Hope this ends soon. Take care.

    1. Oh wow, glad to hear you are fully recovered! Most of my friends here in Mumbai had it, fortunately all of them recovered too.

      We are still waiting for the vaccine over here as both hubby and I are below 45 years, we should get it next week as our building is trying to arrange a vaccination camp.


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