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A review of the pink Leuchtturm dot grid journal

I recently finished filling every pages in my "Life Journal" and the need to get a new one arose. If you read the aforementioned post you know that I am very specific about my life journal looking pretty and being quality enough because I leaf through it on a regular basis to re-read old entries. The one I just completed was an Archer & Olive Journal, and as much a fan I am of A&O which I also use for my 2021 BuJo and plan to get for 2022, I wanted Volume 2 of the life Journal to have a bit more pages and be a bit less heavy. 

The decision was quick as to which notebook I wanted to try this time around : The Leuchtturm 1917. Those of you who've been in the Bullet Journal world for years, know that it has always been marketed as THE journal to have, and if you live in India, you must also remember that time it was hard to get your hand on one in the first place, not to mention dealing with totally erratic prices from various vendors on Amazon. 
Thanks to my friend at "Bigger Dreams Co" the availability issue and erratic prices are a thing of the past. They have a wide variety of colors available for the Leuchtturm and if you were wondering where to get your hand on an Archer & Olive, it's the one and only same place. 

This post is about the Leuchtturm though, so lets get down to business and review that baby shall we? 

a peak inside my life journal

I chose mine to be Powder Pink, because seriously I love this color and I wanted my second edition of the life Journal to reflect me. 
When I received it, the first thing that I noticed was how lightweight it was compared to all my previous journals. I've spent the past 3 years working with significantly heavier notebooks like the Matrikas dotted grid (Amazon affiliate link) and the Archer & Olive, so this one really feels like I'm holding a feather.

The paper in it is super smooth and feels a lot thiner than its 80gsm paper density. As a comparison, the paper in the Matrikas Signature journal is also 80gsm but feels a lot thicker and rougher that this one. My Sakura Pigma Micron pen just glide on that butter smooth paper which is an amazing change. 

Before I continue with this review, I will address the topic of ghosting vs bleeding which is often misunderstood. 

Ghosting means that what you write on one page will be visible when you flip the page to a certain extent WITHOUT the ink bleeding through. Ghosting happens because of the thickness of the paper, no matter what the quality of said paper has. People often think quality paper means zero ghosting, and that is simply not true. 

Bleeding is what happens when the pigment in your pen, paint and marker goes entirely through. Sometimes it is due to a paper that absorb the water in the ink too quickly, other times it is due to the pigment in the ink being quite potent. My Stabilo Boss pastel highlighter will bleed through the thick, high quality paper in my Archer & Olive, which can take on watercolor without problems. 

The Leuchtturm Journal has 80gsm super smooth paper, so if you write with a black pen and flip the page, you will be able to see some of what you wrote in reverse simply because that's what thin paper does. That said the ink does not BLEED through on that paper because the pages have a smooth satin finish treatment that prevents that from happening unless you use one of the pens and markers that are known offenders on all paper like certain red and blue hues of markers across all brands, and the aforementioned Stabilo Boss highlighter. 
I haven't tried it just yet, but the Leuchtturm is said to be able to take a certain amount of watercolor paint without any bleed through or warping due to that satin finish on the paper, as long as you don't do wet on wet watercolor painting that is. 

While I don't really care about keeping an index in my yearly BuJo because I color code months in my mind, this one feature of the Leuchtturm comes in very handy with my life journal. 
I often write goal lists, achievement lists and make pretty affirmation pages, so being able to find these via the Index pages at the beginning of the journal is something quite cool I'm already implementing. 

The other thing I really like in this journal is the back pocket to store stickers and notes. All my BuJo had one, either by default or installed by me. This one is the best back pocket I've seen so far. It opens really wide, which makes accessing the content super easy, even the Archer & Olive falls a bit short in this department.

Like most BuJo I had, this one comes with two bookmarks, which I don't think I will use much here because unlike my Bullet Journal, I don't need to mark pages for quick finding in my Life Journal, but if you are going to use yours as a BuJo, those two bookmarks are of different colors to make it easy to pull the right one to open to the desired page, so it's definitely something good to have. 
The Archer & Olive has a charm dangling from one of the two bookmark to achieve the same thing. 

The cover is smooth and will wipe easily if it gets stained, which is why I had no problem going to a light color for the cover. 

Yes it's a tad pricey

Just like the Archer & Olive, the Leuchtturm is definitely not the type of journal to buy if you are on a budget, or if you prefer your journal to be fairly utilitarian. It belongs to the premium quality of journals. 
It has 251 numbered pages, while the more budget friendly, made in India Matrikas Signature has 249 pages.
Yet, the Leuchtturm looks a lot thiner, but don't be fooled it packs a lot of pages and will last you a while. I managed to put a whole year of very elaborate weekly spreads in the 249 pages of my last Matrikas, so you can be confident that one Leuchtturm will last you a year as a BuJo. 

As a life Journal, I expect it to last more than that, the 160 pages Archer & Olive did last me a whole year since it is a journal I don't write in every day. 

Curious about the second picture in this blog post? 

The journal comes with labels for the cover and spine you can use if you want to archive your notebook. I used one of those on the inside cover to mark the date I started the Journal and the date I'll end it. I used a Washi sticker sheet from a cool little set of Washi tape I bought on Amazon recently. 

The quote "It's my time and I am ready for the next step" comes from the books "Lucky Bitch" and "Get Rich Lucky Bitch" by Denise Duffield-Thomas. Two books I strongly recommend if you are working on upgrading your life and moving past mental blocks, which is also what I use my Life Journal for. 

Several of the links in this blog post including the ones right above, are Amazon affiliate links, which means that if you click on them, I get paid a commission at no extra cost to you if you buy something. 

If you want to know more about Bigger Dreams Co and support a small business, go read the blog post I did in partnership with them back in 2019. 

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