Dealing with a "Blah" week

10:21 AM

Those who opted to receive my weekly newsletter already know it, last week was BLAH. I had zero motivation to do anything that wasn't watching Netflix or taking naps. I blame it on a mix of different things, including 14 months of pandemic. 

Here is what more or less happened all at once : 

Hubby had to go to his parents place for a family thing, my daughter went back to school online, and a saga I like to call "The mystery leak hunting chronicles" took a new spin, throw in the monsoon coming back with a vengeance and you have the perfect recipe to see creativity leaving the building

I won't go in much details on the chain of events, let's just say that my days for now the past 2 weeks have been spent with my bathroom getting destroyed bit by bit, and for the first time in 14 months being alone on parent duty for a long stretch of time. 
I actually forgot what it is to have my home office for myself all day long, or what it is like to have half the dishes and mess in the home. All this kind of threw me a bit off balance because that was just about too much change in a daily routine in quite a short amount of time. 

The blah week was probably happening just so I would get a breather from everything and welcome in a temporary change of pace. I don't think I adapted to the daily sledgehammering of my bathroom but hey they are going to start putting it back together today, so here's to that! 

A few years ago, I would have tried desperately to get back into the groove and feel extremely guilty of not being productive "enough". I would have worked on hacking my way back into creative/productive mode at all cost. 

I now know better. I know that creativity and productivity ebb and flow and that when it's gone, it's better not chasing it. 
Last week I quickly realised that what I really needed was rest, and enjoying the moment, so I did just that. It was kind of like a staycation, just staying away from work things, and just enjoying doing things I enjoyed while staying warm, dry and safe inside. 

I journaled a bit, re-watched movies I love, binged old Netflix show I watched already, read books, played games on my iPad, chit chatted with friends via DMs and stuck to comfort food.

It's really easy to fall into the trap of never taking a day or week off when you are self-employed but just because we aren't reporting to an office or have a boss above us holding us accountable, it doesn't mean we don't need to take breaks. We all need to take vacations now and then, this is what prevents us from heading to burnout-ville. Hacking our way into productivity when it's clearly not there is not a solution if you can manage it otherwise.

For me, the early sign I need to take it easy, is when I suddenly start feeling sleepy and struggling to focus on anything by 11am. That is a sure sign I need to lift my foot off the gas pedal for a few days and I got really good over the past 14 months to recognise it and act on it.

This week I have been getting back into gear, working on things, but I am still taking more frequent breaks than before, my sense of productivity has come back, but creativity hasn't kicked back in fully yet

This blog post is just a reminder to all of you to be kind to yourself. 

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