Office nook in the bedroom and a wall makeover

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How to create a small workspace in a bedroom

The pandemic has really reshaped how we live, work and study and some of those changes are on the way of becoming semi-permanent. 

In our household, hubby has taken over the home office room which had been mine for years, and I usually wake up early in the morning to get some desk time and get ahead with my own creative work before promptly being evicted at 10am when hubby's day is about to start. 

This left me moving all my stuff to the dinning table in an attempt to keep on working before the afternoon slumps claims me. 
The problem with that arrangement is that I'm sitting in the middle of what I call the "transit" zone and I constantly find myself distracted by hubby and my daughter doing a great shuffle dance between the living, kitchen, bathroom and respective rooms. In the afternoon, I usually need to listen to music via my noise cancelling headphones to drown out the TV that my daughter watches for while and all in all, the space isn't ver ergonomic or conducting to creativity. 

The solution was to figure out a way to have a small space in the master bedroom for me to work. When we moved in, the space looked like this : 

There was this rather odd build in shelf that might have been installed by a previous tenant (everything else is builder's grade) and when we first moved in, we thought it was a fun spot to display a few things like a jewellery box and a photo frame. 
This idea was short lived as we found out our cat took sadistic pleasure in kicking everything down from that shelf at night, waking us up in the process. 
So, that silly shelf lost the sole purpose it might have had in the first place a few weeks into the move, and has been sitting empty for over 4 years now. 

The bedroom doesn't have a ton of space to put a full size desk, but this wall was the perfect candidate for a VITTSJÖ laptop table from IKEA. That desk has some very compact dimensions at 100cm wide and only 36cm deep, which means it would still allow us space to reach the balcony and move around the bed. Since it's made entirely of a slim metal frame with a glass top, it's also quite airy and doesn't make the space look bulky. 

The problem? The stupid shelf came in the way. Since it seems to be an addition from a former tenant and isn't listed on the lease, I took the liberty to rip it off the wall. 
Once I was done, this is what the wall looked like : 

Lots of holes, a lot of dirt lines and to add to the eek factor, an old water seepage peeling spot. That water leak occurred 2-3 years ago when some grout came loose in the shower that is on the other side of the wall. The water seeped through and made a mess of that wall. The problem got fixed, but the wall still bears the scars of that leakage issue. 
Hiring a painter to put wall putty and repaint the wall could have been an idea, but I decided to go for a quicker, and cheaper fix by installing a foam 3D wallpaper instead. 

I bought those foam tiles on Amazon (it's an affiliate link by the way). Each tile is 70cm wide and 77cm long, for the size of that wall I estimated I could do with 7 since the wall roughly needed 2.5 tiles across and 2.5 tiles down. I ordered 8 tiles just in case, because when you do that kind of work, it's better to have a little extra should something go wrong (don't worry nothing went wrong and I still have that spare).
Putting these in place took less than an hour as they are quite easy to stick to the wall (they are self adhesive) and because it's a faux brick wall design, it's quite forgiving when it comes to the height irregularities of the wall.
Since it's a glossy foam finish, it can be wiped clean easily, and the vendor on Amazon even states they can be painted later on, so if we ever get bored of the white bricks, painting them a different color is also a possibility. 
It covered all the holes left by the floating shelf and the seepage blisters nicely too. 

Along with the desk, I bought the LOBERGET/BLYSKÄR chair combination still from IKEA because once again you can't beat IKEA for affordable, compact and well designed furnitures. This chair is made with the LOBERGET seat shell, on the BLYSKÄR wheel structure. Should I ever need to upgrade for a fancier seat, the beauty of IKEA is that those chair elements are modular and I can swap this plastic shell for a different one that will fit on the same structure. Not that I need it right now, this chair is actually a lot comfier than the bulkier, squishier office chair we have in our home office room.

This desk just arrived this morning and I assembled it and the chair in less than an hour and have been working at the desk for a few hours already. 
It feels great to have a dedicated space just for myself after the need to vacate the home office strikes, and I am looking forward to a productive week ahead. 
The biggest challenge I had all that time was getting back to work after my afternoon nap, while the living room was getting used by my daughter. It was a struggle to dive back in the creative zone in a less than quiet environment. This is what this small workspace is going to solve big time. 

And once the pandemic is over and people are back outside the home, I'll get my main office back and this cute little table will double as a vanity and possibly a study nook for hubby at hight when he wants to benefit from the room's AC rather than use the second unity in the office, efficiently doubling our power bill. 

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