August 2021

8:00 AM

We made it to the end of July! Can you believe it? For some reason this past month has been dragging and I have no idea why. I suspect the level of craziness just about hit the roof that month and had me stuck in limbo. 
If you susbcribed to my newsletter (and you should) you know all about the plumbing craziness, hubby having to go home for a family matter, back to school and the crazy Mumbai rain already. 

As I type this, the plumbing madness is still going on, these guys vanished for over a week after trashing every corner of my already cramped and annoying bathroom and it still feels like we are showering in a post-apocalyptic bunker that may or may not have been hit by a zombie killing device of sort. 
Hubby came back this week to get the "end of the world showering experience" and a few days into it made him hunt the workers down to give them a dose, so now they are slowly retiling everything and the contractor admitted that the elusive leak that is supposed to come from our bathroom and affecting the flat below was in fact never in my bathroom but deep in the ground in my utility area...which I told them from the start! Let's leave it at that : I am super happy to just be a tenant caught in this madness.

July was the month of my daughter's birthday and marriage anniversary, as well as the month I finally got a home office corner set up in our bedroom since clearly, we are going to be all working from home a while longer. 

Here's to a hopefully quiet, productive month of August ahead! Which brings me to what most of you guys are here for : the August printable calendar, simply click on the link and go download it already. 

Like for all the previous calendar illustrations this year, they have been made available as a printable postcard and a phone wallpaper for my tier 2 and 3 Patreons. The same illustration will be available on select items in my Society6 shop in the next few days. 

I'm starting the work on the 2022 calendar illustrations slowly,  I have the theme, I have the illustration for January ready and the ideas for the next 11 months are coming in slowly. Another reason to wish for a more productive August, I've got to get going on this project before I find myself pressed for time. 

See you all for a new calendar page update on the 1st of September. 

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