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In my previous blog post I was telling you all about the pandemic induced trend of wanting to refresh our homes, and how pretty much everyone I knew is involved in one home decor improvement or another. 

I told you how hubby and I have been steadily decluttering and making plan to get rid of our old sofa among other things (we have a list) and this past weekend we acted on it. 
We had over the past few weeks decided that an IKEA sofa was what made the most sense for us because with two pets and a teenage daughter who eats in front of TV (and spills food) we wanted something where we can remove all the covers to toss in the washing machine, and IKEA seems to be the only store that understand that messes happen on sofas and need to be dealt with without having a cleaning company coming over. 

Besides, our old sofa went through 3 Urban Company deep cleaning and the water they pour all over probably weakened the wooden structure a lot. 
If you didn't know what our old sofa looked like, here it is : 

It still looks good in this picture, so you'll have to imagine it with less sheen to the velvet, a discoloured armrest, a few busted seams, a sinking seat cushion, and a lot of dirt spots. 
We actually bought this sofa back in 2010 and it was a leather sofa until we moved out of our previous flat and for an unexplained reason couldn't get out the door anymore. You can read it all in the "Sofa saga", long story short, we ended up having to have an armrest chopped off to get it out and then have it reupholstered before moving it to the new flat. 

In the 4.5 years it's been reupholstered in velvet, it went through the regular abuse a well loved sofa goes through, and the 11 years old padding was starting to seriously give in to the point it was rather uncomfortable. 
The wooden frame which had been chopped back in 2017 became wobbly this year, and to have the frame fixed, and the sofa completely re-padded and reupholstered would have set us for a price that would have been higher than for what we originally bought the sofa for in 2010. If the wooden frame was at least quality wood it might still have possibly made sense, but in the current condition, buying a new one looked like a better option. 

So we sold the old one for a very nominal price just to get it out of our home and headed to IKEA

Originally we wanted a L shape sofa and had narrowed it down to a few, and we only really headed to IKEA so we could test them all to see which one was comfier. Turned out that every single L shaped models were out of stock, both in the online shop and in the Navi Mumbai store! So we debated our options over IKEA meatballs and decided to go for a 3 seater sofa and a separate footstool with built in storage.
A few deliberations later and a lot more sofa testing in a store that proved to be busier than a mall just before Diwali (we went on a Sunday) we decided the Vinliden sofa in grey was the best for us. It had a comfy seating, and EVERYTHING fabric can be removed and tossed in the wash, there is also the option to later buy extra sets of cover in a different color so we can even swap those covers for an instant sofa makeover. 
This means that it's pet friendly and more important corn flakes spills proof as changing the cushion covers is easier than changing the resident teenager's food habits. 
On top of it all, all the seat and back cushions can be removed as well and dust beaten on the balcony while the sofa base can be vacuumed thoroughly for cookie crumbs. 

We then chose a footstool to go with it, the Vinliden series currently has no ottoman or footstool to match, but because we opted for a dark grey sofa, finding a similar color in another series was a lot easier. We ended up getting the Kivik footstool because it was the same height as the sofa and would mimic the lounge chair feel we were initially after. 
It's a hollow footstool that doubles as a trunk so that we can use it to store things we don't use often like our stash of reusable shopping bags that were out of control in the hallway.

We had the option to get it delivered while buying it at the store, and it arrived the next day. Since I LOVE building IKEA furnitures (don't judge) I got right to work on assembling that sofa which came in 5 separate boxes. It took me about an hour to put it all together, and it was by far the most physically demanding assembly I did from the brand because the frame has 3 metallic poles linked by a sturdy fabric to make for the seat area's base. Those poles are quite heavy but manageable, but as you lock all three into position between the armrest and the metallic floor base, the tension makes moving each poles harder. 
If you never build furniture, and don't have a lot of arm strength, do not attempt it, Ikea tied up with Urban Company for furniture assembly, and I think there might even be the option to book an assembly service at the store itself (but do not take my words for it), so check everything out when it comes to delivery and assembly of bulky furniture before buying. 

After I assembled the sofa and footstool, I realised that my super cute "coastal coffee table" was really crowding the place, so I dismantled it and put it in storage until we decide what we want to do with it. 

The table was anyway due for a fresh coat of paint, and to be fair we only really used it as a glorified and very uncomfortable foot rest. 
It also encouraged us to eat in front of the TV which I think is a VERY bad habit, and was responsible for the stains on the old sofa anyway. 
I plan on getting a small tray to put my cup of tea on, but the sofa area is now officially a no-food area because the new setting is making eating in front of Netflix a lot less convenient. 

In the future, we will replace the old TV stand and hanging shelves which we had around since 2006, they are starting to fall apart and we are really looking at a more minimalist and clutter free look. Having all the books and board games in full view at all time isn't really our thing anymore, and we plan on getting rid of all the DVDs because it's been 2 years since our DVD player broke and we haven't felt the need to replace it at all. 

To give you an idea of what the TV area looks like right now : 

We purged a lot of books we will never read again last month and as you can see, the wall shelf is threatening to come crashing down soon. 
We had a plan to look at TV cabinets in IKEA this past Sunday, but the crowd was entirely too much and after we FINALLY decided on a sofa, we made a beeline out of the showroom area and into the accessories department where we bought a few kitchen stuff we needed, a few scented candles (because you always end up buying that on an IKEA trip) and a desk lamp for my daughter. The Sunday crowd is utter madness, so if you have the opportunity to visit an IKEA store on a week day just go for it. Hubby, daughter and I ended up escaping like bats running out of hell after we paid for everything. 

It was hubby's first ever IKEA store experience though, he loved the concept, loved the meatballs, and the list of things we want to improve in our home grew. It now includes better lights for...well...all the rooms, and more wall mounted shelves to put stuff in our home office, and display pictures in the living room. 
That will all wait until there is a school holiday that will allow us to go on a weekday as we all vowed to never ever again go on a weekend. 

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  1. Never been to IKEA. The last time we got a piece of furniture was a table, which we got from nearby Nilkamal store, about a year ago.

    We don't have a cushion sofa. Instead we have a Gurjari sofa set (one three-seater, two single-seaters and a teapoy). We bought it some 25 years ago, we still have it in the living room.

    1. IKEA is apparently coming to Bangalore soon and has started online shopping :-) In Switzerland, as it is the case in all of Europe really, IKEA is the one stop destination for everything home decor and furniture that is also affordable. And for young adults moving out of their parent's home in their early 20's it's the ultimate rite of passage into adulthood. I think all my friends and I ended up in IKEA to get everything we needed to furnish our first, rather tiny studio apartments. My first flat was 280 square feet including the bathroom, and IKEA is pretty much the only store that had furniture made to fit such a tiny space :-)

      They are working quite well in Mumbai judging by the crowd I saw on Sunday and the long queues at all the cash counters. Mumbai flats being tiny, they are very compatible with the kind of minimalist, compact Scandinavian design IKEA is famous for.

      The first display in the Navi Mumbai showroom is a mockup of a 600 square feet apartment entirely furnished with their products just to show people that their very average carpet area has a lot of potential if thought is put in the planning, it pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the showroom visit :-)

      Gurjari sofa sets are built to last, and the only thing that needs replacing over time are the foam cushions. I prefer a fluffier sofa since we only sit on it to watch TV or read a book.

  2. Our sofa is ancient more than forty years old and still going strong with a few upholstery changes. Thirty years in our household and maybe more from the person from whom we bought it. I think about changing it sometimes with something light but can’t see anything surviving a rough treatment since we do all our tasks sitting on it from watching TV, taking meals to cutting vegetables. So, it sits in our drawing room in its formidable magnificence alongwith two throne like pieces.


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