September 2021

8:00 AM

While I complained that July went on slowly and dragged forever, I haven't seen August pass at all, and here we are in September already!

August has been a crazy month over here. We saw the end of the plumbing saga after over two months of dealing with workers coming in and out at random. And just as soon as they left, we got the carpenters coming over to dump boxes of kitchen cabinets elements in my living room. 
The kitchen renovation is something we negotiated with our landlord since all the cabinets we had were as old as the building is and were all falling apart. It was supposed to be done in March, but the building got sealed, then the lockdown happened, and then we waited and waited until they decided to show up again to measure everything again in July. 

We are still waiting for the work to actually start though, the boxes have been in my living room for 2 weeks now with a promise that the work would start "tomorrow". 
Hubby and I got busy a week ago cleaning the storage area in our flat and after that we both got a massive cold from hell which I suspect is the result of inhaling a lot of construction dust and mold in the utility space the plumbers just vacated. We were both out of commission with sinus pain and leaky noses. 

Me being sick is actually the reason why no newsletter went out on Sunday as I really had no update for you guys.

On the work front I am working on the 2022 calendar edition which will be Art Deco themed and I am working on the printable that will go to my subscribers this coming Sunday.

Speaking of calendar, I know some of you came to download the September page, so before I ramble any longer, go click that link and get ready to plan the month in style. 

In September I plan to repaint my dinning table to match the coffee table I painted a few years ago, all I need to get started is for the monsoon to get over so that things get a chance to dry. The rain tend to make all wood things swell a bit, so it's better to wait before painting things.
Hubby and I have made a list of home improvement things we want to see through in the near future, 15 months of living at home 24/7 has made us want to refresh the space a bit, which is exactly why we were up in the dust to our neck last week to clear some junk out of the home. 

The calendar illustration for this month will be available on Society6 very soon, and if you are a Patreon, you can download it as a printable postcard and a phone wallpaper depending which tier you pledge at. All new Patreons get access to all past months content at all time. 

See you all next month for another calendar page update! I hope you guys have a great month of September ahead.

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