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It's been a while since our last "Story behind the art" hasn't been? 

This week I am taking you down memory lane and showing you that not all artworks have to have a big fancy, complicated or sophisticated story to materialise. Some are born out of a reason to try something new.

This is certainly the case with what I call the "Minimalist blossom". It was back in 2017, I was just starting selling on Society6 then and I wanted to up my game a little. Until then, I had been using very basic art supplies and basic paper as well, I also still had very limited knowledge of how to make seamless patterns and still made a lot of my patterns on A4 sheets of paper I would then scan at 1200 dpi so it could go on all of Society6's biggest items like comforters and curtains. 

I decided to "splurge" on a set of Sakura Koi brush pens and move away from just watercolor or pencil. I was not very familiar with working with brush pens or markers at the time, but I knew I wanted to try it out. 
I took one sheet of paper out of my very basic, very student grade sketchbook and drew a whole page of little purple twigs and pink blossom before scanning it and sending it to Photoshop for editing and ultimately selling it in my shop. 
It was once of those very random, simple doodles I did just to get the hang of it. 

This was also the time I learned to maximise the potential of my designs by creating several color variations in Photoshop, a tip I got from Cat Coquillette in her first Skillshare class. 

If you are just starting out with commercial art and surface design and selling on PoD, the one thing you ABSOLUTELY want to do is create more than one color palette for any of your art. It takes minutes and adds a lot of pieces to your portfolio and could drive in more sales. 

The purple and pink above is the original, and I created a couple more immediately, including the turquoise and magenta colorways above. But guess what? None of these ever sold that I remember. 

This one did a few times though : 

This is the golden blossom, I created it quite soon after creating the first few original palettes because you always want to include a few designs with a metallic effect to them too, another tip I got from Cat Coq. 

It's one of those designs that is so simple and versatile that I have revisited it a few times over the year. It's usually one of those I reopen every year in December when Pantone announce their color of the year. I don't always create a new colorway but I at least experiment with it to see if that would work. A few years ago I created a "Living coral" version : 

The most popular of all the versions though is the 2021 Pantone color of the year : Illuminating and Ultimate grey. It has been the one that kept selling on Redbubble all those past few months : 

Not bad for a little doodle I created just to get the hang of a new medium huh? Let it be a lesson to all : 

Never be afraid to try something new and keep on experimenting with it. I would never have known a design created in 2017 would suddenly become popular in a 2021 color palette if I never thought of revisiting it every now and then. 

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