The Covid Chronicles : A home refresh

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 It's been a while since I last wrote a "Covid Chronicles" chapter, probably because we've all settled into a routine by now. 2021 so far has felt a bit like a repeat of 2020 with the second wave in India, plunging into a world of lockdowns and restriction. Except that this time, we are all veteran of sort and we just went through the motion the best we could. 

This year has so far been a bit of an odd year still filled with uncertainty, a dash of hope with the vaccine but also the sinking realisation that what we once knew is gone and that we might as well go with the flow, let the current carry us and embrace the new normal. 

It seems that for many of my friends along with myself have been rethinking about how we treat our homes.
A year and a half ago, none of us really gave our home a lot of thoughts, It was that place we would relax in at the end of a day filled with errands, work and commutes, it was the realm of family and happy gatherings with friends on a day off and we didn't have enough time on our hands to obsess about tiny details the way we do now. 

When you spend 18 months spending about 99% of your time at home, there are things you start noticing, things that need to change because they don't work with this whole new excessively sedentary lifestyle. When you work, study, and live your leisure time in the same space, you end up getting quite bored with how everything never changes, how every details and accents are constantly in your line of sight. It gets monotone, and boring and act as a constant reminder that right now, home is pretty much all you are going to get.

Not so surprisingly, this is having people look at home decor a bit more these days, and I think we've all tried to infuse some novelty into our space in the past few months. From reupholstering sofas, moving the furnitures around, or just replacing things that look a tiny bit worn out, or even adding some greenery to our space. We are all trying to make the best of our time staying home right now, even as things start to reopen slowly.

Hubby and I have been in a mission for those past couple of months to get rid of all the things we no longer need, or rather as Marie Kondo would say, no longer spark joy. The urge to do it is come when a month ago, the long overdue kitchen renovation promised by our landlord kind of "started" with the carpenters dumping boxes of elements into our living room. I'll get back to that once said reno is over, as it's quite a saga. 
It was still the turning point into us wanting to refresh our space a bit more urgently than before. Not that it had not started before. 

Back in June I painted my balcony cane chair black, in July I set up a tiny workspace in our bedroom and gave a wall a makeover at the same time. I also decluttered the bathroom counter and storage cabinet we have in there, and put a scented candle in there that I burn each time I take a shower.

But right now we are in a "home refresh" frenzy. We ruthlessly purged our storage area, got rid of things we no longer used, including a ton of books we will never read again. We donated old clothes we will never wear, bought more casual indoor ones instead of rotating the same 3 pants and 5 t-shirts, and even just replaced our fraying 12 years old towels. 
We have plans to change our sofa which is kind of sinking in, repaint the dinning table, get a new dinning set as the one we have is 8 years old and chipped (with some plates missing altogether). Hubby has decided to give our home office a new ambience by burning scented candles and we moved a few things around.

Spending so much time at home has made us realise what we want more of, and what we really can do without in a way we would never have realised otherwise. 
I never liked clutter, but now I like it even less, and both Hubby and daughter have joined that club. 

With the festive season in full gear, people are starting the normally pre-Diwali cleaning and decluttering a lot earlier this year, and we all are trying to conjure a happy and bright future by doing away with anything old and boring. 
Since we've all been travel and fun deprived for about 18 months now, we're all deeply invested into bringing a change of scenery in our home to make up for all we've missed.

We are all as a collective suffering from cabin fever at this point, and introducing anything new in our environment is a way to beat some of that languishing feeling we are all going through. Embrace it and do what makes you feel good, we were never meant to live a life of eat, work and sleep living 24/7 in the same space. 

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  1. Yes, a sense of deja vu now. We are just keeping our fingers crossed hoping that the cycle might be much less severe this time round when 2022 dawns.

    The second wave shook us all so much that everyone is sort of prepared. Those terrifying visuals on TV served a purpose, actually.

    I haven't gone for major changes to my home settings. We have been managing with the available resources. Our apartment is getting old and there are patches that need attention, besides of course a fresh coat of paint. We will do that in a few months.

    I am also a fan of minimalism. I try to get rid of clutter periodically, the exceptions being those that sort of tug at my emotions.

    1. I'm a huge fan of keeping only things that I either need or have an emotional meaning, the older I get the more I get bugged by clutter and I find purging old stuff absolutely gratifying.

  2. The covid business would continue for a few more years I guess with new variants popping up here and there. The cases have significantly dropped nothing like few months ago. Got my second dose of vaccine last month. In the second wave, it seemed that we are under siege with literally everyone sick. It was like apocalypse.

    In earlier times, people used to hoard things just in case they come in handy. We have inherited some of those old middle class traits, so decluttering sometimes become a little difficult task.

    We had our home decor changed two years years ago with and some minor repair works so that would hopefully last a few years. Nothing fancy just a few functional things.

    1. I think Covid, like pretty much all virus is NEVER going to go away and people are yet to come to term with it. We have a vaccine that helps prevent getting super sick, but people haven't yet made peace with the fact that it's how all vaccines work.
      I hope people come to their senses quickly and realise that if you only just get a mild fever and do not end up in hospital, it means the goal of the vaccine has been achieved and we need to stop treating anybody that test positive like a criminal. I think in another 6 months, all adults in the country will have had a chance at getting the vaccine, and if they made the decision not to get it, they must live with the consequences of their own choices without putting the burden to protect them on the rest of society.
      It seems a vaccine for kids is now getting closer to be available too.

      Hubby and I have been in a habit to declutter for years because we have moved around too many times and carrying deadweight from a flat to another makes zero sense, especially now that everything is available online or in the market.


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