October 2021

7:27 AM


I completely dropped the ball on this one peeps! 

It's October the 2nd, and I realised at 3am this morning that I forgot to write the blog post and upload the October calendar page yesterday! 

I seriously don't know how we ran out of September so fast, and worse, I am realising that I'm stretching myself a bit thin on projects I want to complete before we reach December. Are we really already in October???? 

September has been a bit of a frustrating month on the home front, with the carpenters showing up to redo the kitchen they already promised us back in March, but not before letting us live with a mountain of cabinets elements in the middle of our living room for a month. They quickly assembled all the elements and tore down half of my kitchen, but have been no show for the last 2 weeks. Our landlord's broker said the carpenter has Dengue. I can sympathise with that, but for the life of me I can't figure out why nobody arranged for a substitute to continue the work while he recovers. We spent the second half of September with a stack of assembled cabinets on one side of the kitchen, with just one countertop left to do everything. Since the mountain of cabinet is also covering the access to the ONLY plug point in the kitchen, we are using the mixie, toaster and tea kettle in the middle of our living room. 

Here's to hoping that the situation resolve itself in October so that the kitchen is back in order for Diwali! 

October is going to be the catch up month for me, August and September have felt quite unproductive on the creative front, between me catching a cold, the plumber saga, and now the kitchen saga, focusing on work has been rather hard. The last time I felt that way was at the beginning of the pandemic back in March/April 2020 and mourning the loss of normality sounds a lot more like a valid excuse than "Carpenters and Plumbers are making my life a living hell"

The illustration for the calendar has been up as a printable postcard and a phone wallpaper for my tier 2 and 3 Patreons for a few months now, you can still access them if you sign up today. 

I will upload said art to select products in my Society6 shop in the next few days as well.

It's pretty much it for this monthly catch up post, see you all next month for another monthly summary post. If you sign up for my newsletter, you'll get weekly updates, and I plan to create the October printable sticker next week too, so feel free to sign up! 

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  1. It has been an unusually unfestive September followed by october. Alas, just like last year no durga pooja this year only online pooja. No breathless pandal hopping and no pooja delicacies. While it is understandable but being stuck on a festival day would be so frustrating. Here a pray to goddess durga that that the entire humanity is blessed with good health, peace and prosperity and this menace ends soon.

    1. I think the problem right now is less the virus than it is the fact that people's expectation of what the vaccine should achieve is totally unrealistic and I am absolutely fed up with it.
      Mumbai apparently has 65% of the population that has at least one dose of the vaccine, a survey showed that 90% of Mumbaikars have antibodies, and only 11% of all the Covid beds in hospitals are occupied. Yet the municipality still seal buildings that have 7 cases, and they test all contacts of a positive person. INCLUDING vaccinated people.

      This has lead to several positive cases among the vaccinated people that are 100% asymptomatic and should never qualify as sick, and now people got this belief that the vaccine is not effective. Which is wrong, because a vaccine, no matter the disease it immunise someone from will NEVER prevent the person from catching it, it prevents the person from getting severely sick from it. But people are sadly under the belief that the Covid vaccine apparently shoot virus particles at sight before entering the body and this is the brand of idiocy that the authorities are trying to appease with stupid measures like sealing buildings still!

      I keep saying it, people need to get a grip, accept that the virus will not vanish, no virus ever really has through history, and make peace with the fact the vaccine will ensure that the vast majority will either not have symptoms or just a mild fever for a day or two, nothing that warrants this insane protocol we have in place now.

    2. The sealing of entire building was practiced in Delhi initially but not afterwards. Our office was also sealed for one or two days and reopened after sanitizing. This used to happen quite frequently only during the first stage.


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