How to get my 2022 printable calendar

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It's official! The Home Cyn Home 2022 calendar is out and it's available exclusively on Patreon.

This time around the theme is Art Deco and the roaring twenties. I created 12 fashion and style illustration all in my now favourite mint and pink color palette. 
The 2022 edition of the printable calendar sees a departure from my usual color theme for each month. I normally follow the lead of my synesthesia that has me see months in colors and decided to stick with the same colors all through the year for a more unified look. 

This is also the calendar that took me the longest to put together, I spent hours looking for 1920's inspiration for each illustration and toward the end, it was hard not to repeat myself. 
The Art Deco period is one of my favourite and a lot of the design we see nowadays and call "modern" actually has its root in the 1920, a period that broke a lot of convention. 
I found it fun to revisit the style exactly a century later, from one set of twenties to the next and while our ancestors celebrated the 20's as a renewal and with a sense of hope, we are starting the decade with a lot of uncertainty, the irony! 

The calendar won't be sold on Etsy 

Last year I experimented with putting it for sale on Etsy after first offering it to my Patreon, and strong of that experience, I will not do it this time around. 
It turns out that the calendar didn't generate much views, and it amounted to exactly zero sales, leaving me with having to bear the cost of the listing and not much to show for it. 

Which is why this time around, I will offer it to my Patreons, and then in January continue with offering the printable page of the month on the blog, and to be fair, that might also be one of the last year I am going to offer the full calendar page for free every month. I realised that with each passing year, I spend a huge amount of time on all the illustration and I no longer really feel like giving it all for free.  In 2023 I probably will create a lighter, less complicated free version and keep the full one for those choosing to support my creative effort. 

The good news, is that you don't have to pledge a whole year all at once on Patreon (in fact it was never the case). 
You can join today, and pay the membership for tier 3 (the ONLY tier that can access the calendar) and not only download said calendar but also access every single printables and rewards for each of the tiers, past and present. You can then discontinue your pledge the next month, so really consider it as a printable calendar purchase with tons of freebies on the side. 

So here it is step by step : 

2) Pledge as a tier 3 Patreon to access the printable calendar (no other tier has access to it)
3) Find the Calendar post and download the file
4) Stick around and find all the other printables and downloads I offer to all my Patreons
5) If you wish, cancel your subscription at the end of the month, but I sure hope you stick around, there are always more goodies coming, I add things every week. 

It's that easy to support a creator these days. 

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