November 2021

8:00 AM


October has been a CRAZY month over here and I am really looking forward to a boring, dull November before we enter the Christmas season. 

As I am writing these words, it's October 31st, 5pm and I am in Lucknow. We flew there today to spend a week with family and celebrate Diwali and I am looking forward to resting a bit, and recovering from the drama of a not yet over kitchen renovation saga that drove me to the brink of sanity in the past week alone. 
I'll tell you guys all about it in another blog post once it's all over, but long story short, we requested our landlord to fix the kitchen that was falling apart on its own after 12 years of no renovation, and the carpenters first came to measure it all in forward to October end, and we are living in a mess of cabinets without doors, planks everywhere and carpenters taking very frequent breaks between. days of work. 
They came yesterday swearing they would to it all, but confessed that they can't because they don;t have the granite countertops, cabinet doors and new sink ready. 
Last night I dropped my dog with the dogsitter for the first time since we got her 2 days ago which was already stressful, and I then spent all evening cleaning however a could in my kitchen after yet another day of half-productive work from the carpenters. 
The kitchen isn't even remotely finished, and my goal was to at least not come home to a huge mess a week from now. We are looking down the barrel at a few more arguments with the broker and the carpenter, starting 8 November and hopefully this mess will be sorted out once and for all. 

Needless to say, I am in dire need to rest, and quiet, loads of quiet. Those past 2-3 weeks I also took on more than I could chew on many front, and I really think this week "off" is going to do me some good. 

Here's to a uneventful, maybe even a tad bit boring November! Which is why today is the day you guys can all go download the November Calendar page, print it, and plan for a month of rest. 

My Patreons can have access to a postcard printable or a Phone wallpaper of the artwork depending the tiers they pledged at and I will upload it on Society6 on select products in the next couple of days. 

I wish you guys a wonderful month ahead until we meet again in December! Can you believe it? December??????

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  1. Happy Diwali to you and family. Hope to see your beautiful diwali rangoli. We have been trying to go for vacation for some time now, but the crowds at various tourist places freak us out. People are not even wearing masks. May you have the much needed rest and have a good time.

    1. Happy Diwali to you too. I just got back from Lucknow yesterday, we had a lovely time.

      I will not post pictures on the blog, or do a Diwali post this year, because usually the pictures from these get stolen every year and I absolutely hate it. For all that type of content it actually pays off to follow me on Instagram as it's the kind of thing I normally put in my Instagram Stories. I posted the picture of the rangoli in IG stories on the 4th but they only stay for 24 hours before disappearing.
      I made that switch to keep more personal content only as IG stories and no longer on the blog a few years ago :-)


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