2022 the year of Very Peri

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 December is a month all designers and creatives look forward to because Pantone, the global authority on colors announce what the color of the year will be for the next year. 

It matters because it tends to influence trends in home decor, surface design and fashion so we all wait to see what color we'll need to pay attention to. Love it or hate it, the color of the year tend to set the tone and if you are a surface designer or artist selling on PoD, this is the time to review your portfolio and add the relevant keywords to you designs already in the hue and a good opportunity to see if you can create a few color variations of existing designs to add to your portfolio. 

2022 is all about Very Peri

Pantone created a new hue this year, according to their Instagram account, very peri is a color that blends the faithfulness and constancy of blue with the energy and excitement of red. 
It symbolises our need for comfort and a sense of renewal after 2 years of pandemic. 

While I totally love the message, I am still a bit divided on the color itself. It's a bit muted for my own taste, even though I have several designs in my portfolio in that hue, including the "No drama llama" in the picture above, which ironically is representative of what we all wish for in 2022. 
The first thing that came to my mind this morning when I first saw the announcement is that Very peri looks a lot like the love child of Pantone's 2018 Ultraviolet and 2020's Classic blue. 

Will it be a popular color? Without a doubt, it's a safe, non confrontational color that is very likely to appeal to a wide audience and one that is going to be easy to integrate in an existing home decor palette and yours truely is already playing around with the color to see what older designs in my portfolio would look good in the hue. 

After all, the bold and bright 2021 combo of illuminating and ultimate grey ended up selling in my Redbubble shop, mostly as shower curtains : 

I find myself wondering how well very peri will do with my designs in the year to come. I'm still hoping Pantone will take a bit more risks with the 2023 color of the year though, it seems we've been seeing a lot of purple and blue tones in the past few years and I wouldn't mind seeing a bit of a shift. 

What are your thoughts on the 2022 color of the year? 

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  1. It is a fantastic colour, very versatile and celebratory. I can imagine a design with dark colour with this background would be just beautiful. Veri peri seems to be a weird name for such a beautiful colour. I would rather call it “Halka Jamaani”, sound lyrical.

    1. Pantone is the global authority on color standardisation so a name in English or at least something that can be pronounced and understood worldwide is a must.
      Here is what Pantone really does in the design world : they have color coded every PRINTED colors out there, so that designers can use them as a reference when they create something digital that need to have exact colors once the product is printed or created in real life.

      Those codes have a "HEX" equivalent so that people using design software can match them as not all software have a Pantone color list. I have one vector design app that has those but that that's the only one.

      This is something that laymen do not really know really, but the on screen colors don't all have an equivalent in pigment and inks, color on screens are light codes and not made on an actual blend of Cyan, Magenta and Primary Yellow. Prints and dies on the other hand are.
      While most printers are getting really good at converting the RGB screen values in CYMK (Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Black) values, sometimes for uniformity in the manufacture process Pantone codes and colors are required so that for example the dyed textile matches the printed photo of the same. Or in the manufacture process, the manufacturer who is unlikely to be in the same city or even the same country as the designer needs to be on the same page as far as color goes and it's better not to leave that to screen color variation and have a solid standard in place.

      This is where Pantone steps in. They have a huge catalogue of colors and tone variations and actually do sell samplers so that designers in the professional world can work with colors that will have a print equivalent that will work for all steps of the process.

      Pantone announce a color of the year every December and often that color is based on budding trends, that are emerging in the design industry. Not always, but often. I think the most famous example of color of the year that caught well with trends and the general public was the dynamic duo of Rose Quartz and Serenity in 2016, It was a millennial pink and a light baby blue, those two colors and several tone variation of it were insanely popular and were part of a mid-century modern revival that is still going today.


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