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 With the end of the year approaching fast and the "resolution season" just round the corner, a lot of you peeps are probably thinking of starting a bullet journal for the first time, or are already setting up the one you will use in 2022. 

In a previous post, I told you all how I love using washi tape in mine because it's a quick and easy way to make a journal look pretty (even if you suck at drawing). 
I am a washi tape addict, I love them all, I want them all, and I actually placed a big order of it on hubby's behalf as my Christmas gift. 

I thought it would be fun to give you a little washi tape shopping guide to get you started, or get you deeper into the rabbit hole if you were already hooked to them. All of them are available in India, and several of those links are Amazon affiliate links, which means that if you click on them and purchase anything, I'll get paid a commission at no extra cost whatsoever to you. 

So without further ado, here are my pick of must have washi tapes to prettify your bullet journal : 

This beauty is one of my absolute FAVOURITE, so much so I ordered another roll to use in my 2022 journal as I am running out. It's available with Bigger Dreams Co, which you have to check for all things bullet journal. 

This one is another amazing tape I fell in love with, the little moon design stands out in holographic tape and it shimmers in the light. I used it in my February and October spread in my BuJo this year as well as generously in my "life journal". Like the Art Deco tape, this one is available with Bigger Dreams Co.

This set from the brand "Hasthip" available on Amazon is one of the many the brand has to offer, and if you are just starting with journalling, this is a very good starter kit. I got it in this version, and it has 10 rolls in 3 different width as well as a few square of washi tape paper that you can cut out to shape and a 3 sheets of pre-cut washi stickers to match the theme of the set. 
I used most of it in my Leuchtturm life journal, where you can see a sneak peak of what one of the washi sheet looks like. 

I got this one from a friend last Christmas and I noticed there are several sellers on Amazon selling it. It's a lovely, basic set that I used in my journals and craft projects a lot in the past year. The tape is quite decent quality, sticks well to paper and looks really nice. I particularly loved the purple and blue one with a geometric gold triangle foil design. 

This set is sitting on my wish list on Amazon because I think it would be a cool one to use next November and December in my 2022 Blackout BuJo. So it's not one I am going to be buying immediately, but probably in a couple of months.

Skinny tape is a great way to add thin borders and dividers to your journal, and there really should be a lot more of these out there because they really are quite handy. This black and gold set is also on my wish list and I have yet to buy it. Metallic foil washi is really a great choice in a journal with black pages, so I have been looking a lot at those to use all through 2022.

Of course, if you ask me there is no such thing as too much washi tape, and I could have gone on and on and on with suggestions, but those 6 are really a good selection to get you started. Bigger Dreams has a lot of other tape options if you don't like my picks and the Hasthip brand on Amazon has a lot of different sets like the one I recommended that you can check out as well. 

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