A quick and affordable bathroom makeover

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Bathroom storage in less than an hour

With 2 weeks left into 2021, I ticked off one last improvement project of my list thanks to IKEA and a gift voucher I won in a contest. 

The bathrooms in our current flat are probably some of the worst we had over the year when it comes to storage and space management. Out of the two, the common bath has been the ugliest and always a challenge to keep it organised and welcoming to guests. 

We don't use it to shower, because thanks to really poor space planning in both bathrooms, we used the shower area to store the laundry hamper, and the mop and bucket, this means this bathroom is really just serving as a toilet/powder room in which we put the cat's litter tray and all the cleaning products.
Thanks to yet another dysfunctional plumbing issue, the space behind the commode is constantly wet and no plumber was able to fix it so far. For years, we left the floor cleaner bottles in that corner and wiped everything dry and clean on a regular basis, but the space was really not looking remotely inviting to guests. 

Here is a nice before and after I posted in my Instagram stories right after the job was done : 

In the before picture, you can see that we also had an old wire rack on the wall that was holding all the dog's grooming products, the air freshener automatic dispenser which is essential to have around when the bathroom double's as the cat's toilet and the tiny wash basin counter was crowder with my daughter's stuff as well. 
We tend to apologies for the mess every time we have guests over that need to use the bathroom because quite frankly it was kind of a dump. 

IKEA to the rescue! 

I've been meaning to do something about that bathroom since IKEA started delivering to Mumbai in 2019 but it took me time to figure out what I wanted to do with that space. For the longest time, I was thinking of getting a wall mounted cabinet with doors over the commode, but realistically, they are expensive and wouldn't really hold all the stuff I wanted to organise, which is probably why I didn't jump right at it. 
I had two "Burhult/sibbhult" shelves installed in the utility space off my kitchen back in 2019, and this year I thought this could be a solution in the bathroom as well. They are cheap, basic, and a carpenter can install them in minutes. If they get damaged over time it's really not a huge loss either and they are easy to keep clean anyway. 

Since we have a lot of knick knack and grooming products to contain in that bathroom, I threw in 2 white and pink "Variera" bin which fit perfectly on one of the shelves. One contains all the dog's grooming stuff (Shih Tzus need a lot of those) and the other contains all the grooming stuff my daughter use (teenagers are high maintenance creatures too). 

I also bought an artificial plant for that space because I have a brown thumb of epic proportion and I can't manage to keep live plants on a brightly lit and ventilated balcony, leave alone a dark bathroom. 

The top shelf is where we store all the cleaning products and the air freshener dispenser along with the artificial plant that cascades down the side of the shelf. 
The middle shelf is for the two high maintenance creatures' grooming supplies and the bottom shelf is where I keep the cleaning wipes, tissue roll, pot pourri and oil diffuser that we use on occasion. 

Going vertically with bathroom storage has been the best idea ever for this space really, it instantly made the space more inviting. Yes it's a bathroom, but to me having it look neat, tidy and pretty matters big time. After all, we all complain when we go visit a restaurant that has ugly, unkept bathrooms right? I think guests coming to my home need to be treated well even in the privacy of the bathroom. 

The next step for that space will probably to get a shower curtain rod and curtain to hide the shower area from view, as nobody deserve to have to see our overflowing laundry hamper and mop. Hubby also pointed out that will the space around the wash basin cleared of clutter, we could add a few more artificial plants to make up for the fact the wall mounted mirror is old and permanently stained in places. 

We are anyway planning a trip to the IKEA store in Navi Mumbai to look at furnitures for upcoming projects both in the flat we are living in on rental, and the property we bought as an investment not too far from Mumbai. 

The whole shelf project took about 20 minutes to install, we hired a carpenter to do the job as I don't have a drill...yet. 

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  1. what is that pipe jutting out above the commode? Never seen anything like this in my life. I think it for creation of vacuum to draw the water in. It is great that you have invested in your own property. I think you may wish to relocate to your own property sometime in future at an appropriate time.

    1. It's not a pipe, it's a resting rod for the toilet seat, we had it in the other bathroom before they broke all the tiles and removed it, it's actually drilled into the flush water pipe and removing it causes water to go everywhere, they had to patch up the pipe in the master bath when they removed it.

      We own a flat as an investment, way outside Mumbai, and it's a 1bhk, we will never live there. Frankly we are happy to rent, in Mumbai where our lives are, it's the sanest thing to do really. Plus both hubby an I refuse to compromise on our current standards to pay for huge EMIs. What matters is having assets, who cares if one live in them.
      I come from a country where the vast majority of people live their entire lives in rental because developpers never sell apartment units in their buildings, they retain the whole building. I never felt restricted being a tenant, I can decorate the way I want, paint the way I want, and frankly I don't really understand that whole obsession of breaking walls and put in built in furniture everywhere that is very prevalent in India with home owners. I like the flexibility of being able to move stuff around in my home. Plus if there is a massive issue like the internal leakage in our building or the kitchen needed to be renovated, I am glad that as a tenant, it's not my responsibility to bear.

      If I can afford to buy a property in Mumbai that fits my living standards without having to compromise my lifestyle, sure will do, but neither me nor hubby will just buy a home to live in it simply because that is what the masses do as a default. Buying property as investment? Yup no problem, we did it, but it's not our home, it's an asset that will appreciate with time and for which we have zero emotional value whatsoever. We are already planning on when to sell it and buy a bigger one again as investment with more returns. That's how we roll :-)


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