December 2021

8:00 AM

 I have a confession to make! 

I am still in denial over the fact that we are already in December! We are running out of 2021 fast people! And yet my mind is still stuck somewhere in August or September. I barely remember October and seriously most of November is a blip. 
I remember a trip to Lucknow for Diwali, a whole lot of kitchen renovation drama, and that is about it.

All in all, I think 2021 was an average year, and a poor sequel of 2020, so let's wrap it up already and hope 2022 isn't playing at the same poker table as the first two years of this decade. 
May Omicron be a Christmas season troll that will vanish as quickly as it came, and 2022 a year of moving forward with our lives rather than hopping from leg to leg again. 

I'm planning to rest this December, and rest a lot, I've had way too much construction drama in this whole year to last me while and all I want is plomp on the IKEA sofa we bought a few month back, disappear in a pile of cushion while sipping tea and watching Netflix. 

As I'm writing those words, it's the evening of November 29th, and my Christmas tree went up on the first Advent Sunday (the 28th), the cool mornings have made a comeback after over a week of horrid humid heat and some rain (yes RAIN) and I'm hoping for colder days and night to bless us soon just so I get an excuse to wear the Kiwi socks I bought in October. 

If you are the kind to make loads of plans in December, don't forget to download the December calendar page and print it. 

As it was the case with all the illustrations in this year's calendar, my Patreons belonging to tier 2 and 3 got to download a printable postcard with the art and a phone wallpaper. Those downloads are of course still available to all new Patreon. And if you sign up as a tier 3 right now, you also get to download and print the WHOLE 2022 calendar before everybody else. 

I will publish said illustration on Society6 soon, but because it is an A4 size, it goes on a limited amount of products. 
I drew the 2022 calendar illustration in a large size to avoid being restricted in the range of products this time around, and a few of them are already up for sale. 

The next monthly catch up we will all have will be in January 2022!!!!!!! Can you believe it? 

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