End of year reflections

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Another Christmas passed and another year is nearly coming to an end. As usual, I take this time of the year to review my goals and growth, count my blessings and take time to bask in my achievements, big or small and get ready to draft new goals for the year to come. 

This year has been a challenging one again, in some way I'd say even more than 2020 was and I find myself hoping 2022 is not playing at the same poker table as the two previous years were.

2021 was a year of stepping into my power and defining what I want out of MY life better, two self help books actually helped me: Lucky Bitch and Get Rich Lucky Bitch both by Denise Duffield-Thomas (those are affiliate links by the way). 
I mentioned the first one in my "Treat yourself like a VIP" blog post and I have been living that philosophy a lot more consistently this year. And guess what? Changes started happening. 

Big changes? No, definitely not, but noticeable changes none the less. It really felt like stepping into my power and no longer settling for stuff I didn't want in the first place and it started with me purging my underwear and nightwear drawers! How glamorous right? 
But there is some serious logic behind that move. If you don't respect yourself enough to stop going to bed in holey, frumpy nightwear or panties that lost their shape, you are not going to have much self-respect in other area of your life either. 
Once you make the shift to no longer tolerate settling down for crap in your most intimate piece of clothing, you start no longer settling for crap in other areas as well. 

Down the line I also realised that I am ALLOWED to set whatever goals I want, and have whatever dreams I want. 

Then, I also took a workshop called the "Creative Business Accelerator" with Logan Elliott from Flammable Entrepreneur and learned a few things about knowing your value and not compromising on it. 
Twice in the first 6 months of 2021 I got told to set my own standard and not worry about what others think of it. It might not feel like a huge lesson, but it kind of is really. 

I didn't meet a lot of my goals this year

And, it's okay! I realised that I needed to change my mindset to be able to work on those, and 2021 was devoted to doing just that. 
Now I can get into 2022 with a different approach to things, set goals more confidently, and work on them more efficiently. Sometimes we need to pause and change directions before we can hit a target. 

I didn't meet my goals, but I grew a lot more than I would have otherwise, that is kind of a big deal. 

It was a year of courses, workshop and webinar attending. 

It started with the Business Accelerator course, followed with a few zoom meeting with some of the other participants on the side. 
Then I attended a few marketing webinars and Skillshare classes to up my marketing game. I also attended a manifesting workshop and a webinar on NFT just a few days ago. 

It was a year of putting myself first

Basically the motto of this year was "If I want it, and I can afford it, I have no reason to not get it", I started that mindset shift last year, but perfected it this year when I bought myself a new laptop and let go of my woman money guilt syndrome. 
For women the world over, it's a hard one to do, because we have all been pretty much conditioned from an early age to just make everyone else come before we do. This glorification of a mother's spirit of sacrifice is insane.
Guess what happened when I decided to stop undervaluing in every way? Yup! I got more of everything : sanity, happiness, and yup money. 

The year in a nutshell 

In 2021 I bought a new laptop and read 2 influential self help books to take me to the next step. I attended a business coaching workshop and learned a lot there too. 

I found my signature color palette by "accident" while following a Skillshare class and if you follow me on Instagram, you noticed it. 

I no longer go to bed in frumpy clothes I hate because I know I deserve better. 

I did refresh my home quite a bit be it having a work nook in the bedroom, painting the dinning table white, getting a new sofa, and doing something about my messy bathroom
And of course, there was the great kitchen renovating saga from hell that left us 4 months living in an impossible mess. 

2021 was also the year our building got sealed over 5 Covid cases, the year we saw a repeat of a lockdown, kids doing yet another year of online schooling and a cyclone passing by Mumbai feeling more threatening than the one that hit us directly in 2020. 

We also got to see the flat we bought as an investment back in 2016 for the first time this year. The building phase got completed last year and Covid delayed the issues of NoC and keys handing, then 2021 put another round of delays in us driving all the way day (4 hours one way) to go check it out and assess what needed to be done to put tenants in it, but we finally went and we'll be ready to have people rent it in 2022. 
Seeing our names on the plate at the entrance of the building made it look more real to us, that was one of our proud moment.

Here's to 2022

May it be less crazy, we all need rest after the first 2 years of the decade we had. May it be filled with more achievements and proud moments. 

I know we have a few days left before ringing in the new year, and I am likely to post another blog post before that happens, but I'm always slowing down during the Holidays, and I already worked on setting goals for the year ahead. As always, my New Year resolution will be to keep on being awesome. 

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  1. It has been a strange year with my first brush with Covid. Sitting alone in the room looking outside, hearing terrible news around, it was a traumatic experience. Don’t know what it was, but with new variant around, I am quiet fearful.

    About seeing your own house in real, I understand your feeling. I remember the day when we saw our flat twenty years ago. We were not quite sure it would see the light of the day because it was under construction for what seemed like eternity. It was my father’s labour of love. Alas, He could not live to enjoy the fruits of his labour.

    I hope next year, May everyone be happy, may everyone be healthy, may everyone see what is favorable, and may no one suffer.

    1. In our case, it's not really a house we will live in, so I don't think it was that emotional. It's an investment property 4 hours away from Mumbai, so for us it was just a realisation that "this asset we have on paper is indeed real", the first big asset of ours (and here's to many more).

      We plan on getting the kitchen furnished, which isn't going to be much work because it's small, and get all the lights and fan fixtures in before putting it on the market for rent and wait for the value to appreciate over time as the area develops before we sell it. That has been our game plan all along.


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