January 2022

8:00 AM


Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!

I hope you guys had a fun yesterday and that you are now ready to tackle another long trip around the sun.

I think it is safe to say we are all a bit wary of 2022 after the two years we just spent. I find myself a bit on the fence being excited at the all the possibilities ahead. After all, last year we all said "Good riddance 2020" and marched straight into 2021 with optimism only to just wonder if we weren't just stuck in the Groundhog Day movie. 

I'm still looking forward to starting using my 2022 bullet journal, and working on the goals I already jotted down, while I think of more goals. I also have the first book of 2022 ordered and on the way which I can't wait to begin reading as soon as it arrives. 

December has been a busy month for me, and while I am not really looking forward to some quiet, I am ready to just start with a blank slate, and see what I can make for the year ahead. 

This year is probably going to be the last year of me offering the full printable calendar page as you know them. I haven't figured out if I'll do a simpler free one, but I know for sure that I am really no longer willing to just give everything for free anymore. 
The full 2022 calendar is available to my top tier Patreons if you are interested. When it comes to freebie, all subscribers to my Newsletter get one new printable stickers set each month which is already a lot more than what most artists do. 

That said, printable page for January 2022 can be downloaded here and it's the same version my Patreons got. 
This year I went with an Art Deco theme and revisited the "Roaring Twenties". A hundred years ago, the 20's were synonymous with a renewed optimism and the emancipation of women. 
I often find myself wonder what will historian say about OUR 20s, optimism is kind of off the table and we spent the first two years watching a lot of Netflix, in our lounge wear on the sofa while eating potato chips. 

The artwork is already up for sale in my Society6 shop where you can get it as the jigsaw puzzle above among other things. 
I named this piece "Rising Phoenix" because of the feathered headdress and it goes to illustrate January as we are all once more rising from the ashes of the previous year into the new one...and so the cycle repeats. 

You may have noticed that I departed from the colors I usually use in my calendar, which are based on my synesthetic mind. The whole 2022 calendar will be in the exact same color palette of pastel mint and pink tones which I absolutely fell in love with while taking a Skillshare class in 2021. 
Those of you who follow me on Instagram might have noticed that I used this color a LOT and it's quickly becoming my signature palette. I plan on creating more art with those same colors as so far I haven't yet grown tired of it. 

And now...out into 2022 we go! See you all for another calendar post in February.

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  1. A very happy new year to you and family. May the new year bring more creativity to you. It has been a ominous January with sudden spike in cases. I hope this years sees the end of this menace and brings peace, prosperity and good health to everyone.

    1. This virus is going nowhere, the sooner people accept it and understand that the vaccine was ALWAYS meant to reduce the symptoms and prevent most hospital cases the better.

      I am done with this media circus, fear mongering and general BS going around Covid. Viruses don't vanish just because there is a vaccine, 2 years of restrictions did not even make the common cold disappear which by the way is caused by another virus is the coronavirus family.

      To me, tallying asymptomatic cases from vaccinated people is total nonsense, these numbers are used to instil fear in people instead of being used as "Hey look 90% of all cases we discovered were asymptomatic, which means the vaccine is working"

      It baffles me to no end that people are under the impression that the vaccine would stop them from even catching it because vaccines are not force fields that zap the virus from a distance. People that got vaccinated with small pox when the vaccine was discovered would still catch it, but without much in the way of symptoms and with a super high chance of not dying from it.

      With this one I feel people expect the vaccine to work the way it does in movie : The shit make everything go away...This kind of stupid reasoning really annoys me to no end.

      In Mumbai right now 96% of oxygen bed cases are people who chose not to get the vaccine! Can we stop feeling sorry for that bunch? the remaining 4% are old people with comorbidities and I am still pretty sure that without the vaccine they would have even even worse off anyway.
      This same figure plays out in every countries at the moment : the vast majority of hospital severe case are people who did not get the vaccine. But that information is not given in most newspaper articles that work the angle of fear.

      My wish for 2022 is that people start seriously developing better critical thinking skills and analyse what they are fed from the media a bit better, especially when it's easy to find more objective information.

      My reflex when I read articles is to immediately look for more info if for any reason the article I just read triggers fear, anger or even too much hope. I want a far more objective perspective and you don't get that from just one source.
      Beside I know from marketing experience that strong emotion are great seller, so an article that plays on those emotion is NEVER going to be very objective, they have an angle, often the more reasonable point of view is buried in the last paragraph of these, where it is pretty much guaranteed that most people will either not read it, or will read it but brush it off because of the surge of emotion triggered in the first paragraph.

  2. That reminds me of something I found on the youtube on this news portal, some time ago. I have been watching it for quiet sometime now. This is about the vaccine hesitancy in India. This is is one of the many perspectives about vaccination in India.


    1. Lengthy video, will watch later, also dating from October so no longer current. Mumbai at the moment at around 83% of it's adult population that is fully vaccinated and it shows, the hospitalisation rate is quite low compared to the amount of cases, and the occupancy of oxygen bed is low too, and as the article from the Hindustan Times published a few days ago, 96% of all oxygen patients are unvaccinated :


      Compared to Europe we fare batter in terms of vaccination rate, there is a LOT less hesitancy in India than Europe and US where the average is around 60% for vaccinated people. Too many in Europe are refusing the vaccine for political reason and all kind of conspiracy reasons that makes no sense.


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