Hi! My name is Cynthia and I am an artist and tea lover.

I'm originally from Switzerland, but I've been living in India since 2003 so I am not sure it really means that much anymore.
I moved for love, and along the way I got married, got a child, a dog and a cat. Currently we live in Mumbai, and have been calling it our home since 2011.

I'm an artist and illustrator who loves colors and I have been selling my colorful doodles on products since 2017 after I really no longer could deny the urge I had to share my work with the world. 

The list of places I sell my art on keeps on growing here are most of them all in one place : 


This is the one that I started with and where you'll find the widest range of designs AND products, they offer cool products ranging from phone cases, art prints and mugs to things like removable wallpaper, bedding and furnitures...yes furnitures! Most items ship worldwide without problem, at the moment I think the only thing that will ship just within the US are furnitures.


This is another shop I've been having since the beginning, their strength are apparel and stickers, and that is what I sell the most there. Everything will ship worldwide.


I started my Etsy shop in 2019 and was selling stickers and notepads init, until the Pandemic hit and shipping goods became a hassle, I have now switched to selling printables exclusively. Mostly printable stickers set, but also a few printable art prints. 


This is my most "exclusive" shop, I focus on premium leather handbags, upholstered furnitures and fabric patterns you can buy per the meter. 


This is my newest shop and it focuses mainly on t-shirts which come in many cuts and colors, they also sell mugs, phone cases and totes among other things. 

Neon Earth 

Neon Earth is a brand new company, and they do cool items like table runners, napkins, and laundry bags. 


I don't have a lot of designs in it yet. Its strong point is that they sell skateboards with my designs on, aside from that they have the usual mugs, t-shirts and bags that are all very common. 


This is a shop I tend to forget about, and I will upload more designs in it soon. The unique item it had was the round beach towel and it was the reason I joined in 2018. 

Come join me on Patreon

Patreon is a cool way to support an artist you like and get access to exclusive freebies no one else is getting. 

My Patreon have the option of 3 different tiers all with awesome rewards : 

Tier 1 at 1$ a month : 1 printable coloring page a month, plus random updates and picture posts

Tier 2 at 5$ a month : Get access to all tier 1 perks and get an exclusive downloadable phone wallpaper each month and access to work in process videos and sketchbook tours 

Tier 3 at 10$ a month : Get access to all rewards from tier 1 and 2 and get one exclusive printable a month, plus the whole printable calendar before I officially release it on Etsy and will get a snail mail from yours truly around Christmas.

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