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Hi! My name is Cynthia and I am an artist and tea lover.

I'm originally from Switzerland, but I've been living in India since 2003 so I am not sure it really means that much anymore.
I moved for love, and along the way I got married, got a child, a dog and a cat. We all live in Mumbai at the moment, and have been calling it our home since 2011.

Before that, we lived mostly in Bangalore, but did a stint in Chennai, and Navi Mumbai, but all of this is pretty ancient history and while it might have been the topic of this blog in the past, I purged a lot of dead weight to create what Home Cyn Home is today.

About the blog

Once upon a time this blog was known under an entirely different name, and had an entirely different focus. 

It all started in 2004 when I was a Community Leader on iVillage and one of my fellow CL told me "You should start a blog to tell us all about your adventures" 

Back then blogs were a new thing, and not many people really read them, but I loved the idea of keeping a journal of my life in a new country, so I created "Cyn's Adventure in India".
Over the years though, I started really struggling to write about the whole Living in India and being married to an Indian guy thing. 
First because it never really what I wanted my whole life to be about, and then because I am way too much of an individual to want to be defined by something as ridiculous as my husband's nationality and culture. 
Yes, he is Indian! NO I am NOT, and I don't care much about random strangers wanting to indianize me. As if getting married and walking in the shadow of my husband is the ultimate achievement I should aspire to. 
It started to bug me to no end when people asked me if I could post pictures of me wearing a saree, if I could post Indian recipes, if I could indianize my Swiss recipes, and if I could make videos of me speaking Hindi. 

That is when I started posting more home decor and DIY posts, because if you look beyond who I married, I'm actually an Interior Decorator, did Art major in High school (for a while) and have been pretty creative my entire life.

I decided to change the name of my blog once and for all to Home Cyn Home in 2014 and purchased my domain name a year later. 
I made that decision because if I wanted to be taken more seriously as a Lifestyle blog, I had to get rid of any notion that it was yet another expat blog. 
I chose Home Cyn Home, for several reasons : 

- I wanted "Cyn" to still be in the name

- I wanted something that hinted at the fact it was about home decor and lifestyle

- And I really wanted to have a home online

Home Cyn Home is a clever play on "Home Sweet Home", it also reflect how I feel about my life in India. 
I might be Swiss, I didn't turn Indian but India is my home. Living in India is no longer an adventure, but life pretty much is and always will be. 

In the span of over a decade, I reinvented myself, redefined myself and took wing, and that is all that matters. 

I am an artist

To be fair, I've alway been, it's just that society in general doesn't want people to believe it is possible to call it a career of any kind. 
I decided to screw that myth in 2017 once and for all. I took my art publicly, and started selling it on Society6. I then expended to various Print on Demand websites. And more recently, decided to launch my own Etsy shop.

I also conduct workshops and art classes in my neighbourhood in Mumbai, for kids and adults alike. 

One thing I found out over the years, is that there is some real power in no longer depending on others to give you a label. when you make the conscious decision to be yourself and define who you are on your own, you set yourself free. 
I still remember the time I once blogged about getting my first set of business cards, and how an anonymous commenter felt the need to tell me : 

Blogging is always a hobby even if you are getting paid for it. You chose to be a SAHM. But over what did you chose it?

I remember finding that comment a bit ridiculous back then, but years later, I understand that it comes with the territory of reclaiming your own life and making it your own. There will always be Debbie Downers and even haters that will feel the need to try to bring you back down to the masses so they don't feel too bad for not making that choice themselves. 

Since that post, not only did I keep on blogging, kept on getting recognized for it in various circles, but I also started creating art, selling art, and teaching art. All of which I am getting paid for. 

So much for a hobby huh? 

The tag line "Be Bold and Colorful" is to remind you all that you need to be yourself, embrace your passions, and do it in the most colorful way possible. 

In short, I am bold, and I love colors, and my blog is all about celebrating that. 

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