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How I look in colours

Hi, My name is Cynthia, otherwise knows as Cyn. I was born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland until I made the craziest move of my life : following my heart to India.
I have been living there since 2003 (you do the math). Over the years I have shifted around the country a lot, starting with just a suitcase of belongings. My then boyfriend turned into a husband, and now we have a daughter, a dog and a cat.

Oh! We also live with actual real furnitures (it wasn't always the case)

I am an interior decorator specialised in soft furnishing and upholstery, or at least this is what I studied to become. But, over the years I made a living speaking French and translating documents before closing that door for good and becoming a full time mom and household manager extraordinaire (yes, it is bragging...so what?). I always loved painting, crafting, decorating, cooking and writing, and this blog came to be what it is as a result and sum of all these hobbies.

These days, when people ask me what I do, I reply : I am a freelance artist and blogger. Because, this is what I do and who I am.
I also happen to have a crazy love affair with colors, I can't have too much of that in my life, and this blog pretty much celebrate that.

The Blog

I started this blog in 2004 (yes, it is THAT ancient). But, it hasnt always been known under the name "Home Cyn Home". For the longest time it was called "Cyn's Adventure in India", simply because I lacked imagination and a friend of mine pointed out that my life was looking like an adventure and that I should blog about it.
Back then blogs were in their infancy. There were very boring layouts, and they really just looked like online diaries.
Mine was no different of course, and many of my earlier entries reflected just that. It was a chronicle of my daily life, adjusting to a new country, culture and life.
I never expected to be still blogging  over adecade later to be frank, I usually end up loosing interest in a hobby after 3-4 years. But instead of falling into abandon, this blog evolved, slowly, gradually over the years to become what it is today.

It is a lifestyle blog with a twist

A year after changing the name of the blog, I am still a bit bummed that some people expect me to still write aboutthe "Post Card India".
Not just old readers, but new one as well. Let's be clear, I closed the whole "Firgangi in search of exotism" door a long LONG time ago (I am not even sure it was fully opened at any given time).
If you want a blog about saree, Indian food, and a love of all things ethnic and traditional...I am NOT your pick.

I'm not joking! If that is what you are looking for, just go click that "X" thingy in your browser.

I have been living in urban India for close to 14 years now, I call it home, and I just want to invite you in my world of colours, DIY and non traditional cooking.
In brief, my own little version of living in India. It's not that there is anything wrong with loving glass bangles, sindoor and salwaar suits. It's just not who I am...(I am a short and t-shirt, and palazzo pants loving gal)

A little more about me and then I'll stop...

My husband is known as DH on the blog, and my daughter is named Ishita...even in real life. We have a dog called Jasmine, and a cat I rescued in our building called Mittens (she goes by Mimi more than by her full name). We currently live in Mumbai and have no plans of changing that, but we lived in Bangalore for a long while before that.

You'll probably end up knowing more about us reading the early blog posts. So I'll leave this About Me page at that...

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