This page has for purpose to inform you about all the fine prints regarding my blog, such as privacy policy or affiliate programs. Do take a moment to read through it.

Privacy Policy

This site uses cookies to personalise ad content (ad-sense) as well as anylising traffic. You may be able to disable cookies through your browser. Though I am no expert in this field and could not tell you how efficiently that works. You have the choice to leave this page should you be against cookies.
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The entire content of this blog is copyrighted and cannot be used without my express permission and proper attribution. This means you MUST ask me before using any of my pictures, and you MUST link back to my blog. I am fine with you going ahead and using a picture and giving me credit as long as you contact me as soon as you hit publish on your site. It can be as simple as dropping a comment on the blog post from which you borrowed my picture. Be sure to leave the link to your page in said comment so I can go visit it.

Failure to give me due credit or having the courtesy to let me know what you did will result in my filling a DMCA complaint with your Web hosting company. And I conduct checks on my pictures regularly.

Affiliate programs and links

I am a participant in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.in.

This means that if you purchase anything on Amazon after following that link, a commission will be paid to me (at no extra cost to you whatsoever).

I only endorse products I can vouch for. This means that I will only link to an affiliate if I have tried and liked the product myself or have the confidence about their quality.

Work with me

Should you want to collaborate with me on a post, here are the guidelines you must observe :

- I do not entertain paid guest posts. This means that the content will be written by me entirely.

- All links will be "nofollow", no exceptions. I'm not in this to give away any SEO juice, like I might have once in the past. Google penalize that kind of practice, you may think it is no big deal, may not care about the consequences, I do.

- I only review products, items and websites I can vouch for and have used personally. If you wish to work wth me, you must understand that I care deeply about my readers and am against decieving them.

- I live in India, my principal readership base is in India, I will not write a sponsored post for a brand or service that is NOT available in India.

- Freebies do not constitute a payment. If you want to have your product or company featured on my blog and want me to try said product it is fine, but I will NOT consider this a payment. I will charge you a monetary fee to write the review of said product or website. Vouchers aren't accepted as compensation either.

- No more than one promotional post will be written per item, product or website. If you like to have more exposure through my blog after one sponsored post, you can either share the link again on your own social medias or contact me so that we can work out another form of sponsorship such as paid ad placement on my side bar or a longer term partnership that will result in several paid posts over a long period of time.

If you are interested in working with me, you can contact me via email

This about covers it all, I'll add to this page should the need arise.

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