As you probably all know, I am an artist, and when I am not blogging or getting neck deep into a DIY project, I am doodling the hours away.

A lot of those doodles are just that...doodles...and will live an eternity confined to the pages of my notebooks and other sketchbooks. But lot more of them are commercial enough that I decided to offer them for sale.

That's right! You can get some of Home Cyn Home's colorful art for your home. I currently sell on these website :


The prices are in US Dollars BUT they will ship their merchandise worldwide, and they regularly have promotions that include 20% off and free worldwide shipping on all their items (or a select few).

I have personally ordered products from them, I can vouch for the quality, and the shipping to India took between 10-15 days each time.

Society6 will print my art on a wide variety of products from wall art to coffee mugs, passing by curtains, cushions, throw blanket and comforters.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram as I regularly post update and promotions for Society6 there. 


Redbubble, like Society6 is priced in USD but will ship their products worldwide and have regular promotions going on as well.

The strength of Redbubble over Society6 is that it offers more clothing and Apparel options (Society6  offers more home decor items). And it will print artwork on  leggings, skirts, dresses, scarves and  various cuts and style of t-shirts. 


An India based company that focus on mobile phone covers. They have a great customer service. They get to give the final approval on every uploaded designs, so the process of uploading my art is slower there, but I can vouch for the quality as I ordered a few cases from them.

They have free shipping within India and they will ship internationally for a fee. If you have a phone other than a Samsung or iPhone and still live outside India, this is a site to remember as they cover a wide range of models across brands.


Another US based print on demand website with which I just started selling. I will probably never upload my whole collection there, but you'll find my popular designs over there. 

One of my favourite looking product on their site is the round beach towel : 

Like all the others, they will ship worldwide. 

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