Work with me

I am open to collaborations with brand on this blog, but here are a few things you MUST understand :

I do not work for free

If you value my blog and my time, understand that the promise of exposure is not a valid form of payment.
I am going to put hours to write about your brand, possibly test your products, and put it all nicely into a blog post and then promote this on my social media handles, I think you'll agree this is hard work. 
Samples and free products is not considered a payment either, if you provide a free sample, we can still discuss my base rates for writing the post. 

All links will be "NO-FOLLOW" 

No ifs, no buts, no coconuts! 
I'm serious, I do not entertain these at all and there are no exceptions whatsoever. Why? Because I value my SEO juice, and page ranking and if you want to play with fire inflating your ranking, you'll do it alone, I refuse to risk getting burned in that game. 

I'm based in India, and so are a lot of my readers

This mean I am very choosy about brands I collaborate with. You must have a presence in India, or offer a service that my Indian readers can access. 

If you represent a local company based in another country, please understand that no matter how great your product or service is, I just simply can't promote it to my readers. 

Home Cyn Home is a lifestyle, decor and DIY blog

It's all about making your life and home happy and colorful and unleashing your creative side. This means I won't partner with brands that offer services and products that are irrelevant to the theme.

Food stuff, home decor items, appliances and art supplies are things that are right up my alley. 

Makeup and fashion items...not so much.

All content will be written by me

That means I do not entertain "guest posts", most of these are anyway a sneaky way to get a "do-follow" link on my blog which I am about a million times against. 
If you are interested in collaborating with me, you must understand I have the final say on all content, be it picture or text, and that it must meet my blog's style. 

I do not participate in these "posts challenges"

Why? Because they are mostly a trick to get me to write a post sneaking in a "do-follow" link and only promise me some exposure. 

Exposure is lousy, it only last a day, and it doesn't pay my bills.

A little email etiquette goes a long way

I can smell a canned email template a mile away! So if you insist on starting your email with "Hi there" or "Dear webmaster" I suggest you go back to my blog and learn who I am, because I actually have a name, and like it or not, it's the ONLY proper way to start your email with. 

Oh and when you claim you love my blog so much and "prove" it by copying and pasting my entire blog URL (https//: included) you really loose all credibility in my eyes. 

If you love my blog, and are interested in working with me, know that like me, said blog has a proper name, so do your homework. 

I have been known to reply to these bogus email with a very snarky tone, and that is on a day I am not too busy. Most of the time I will flatly ignore them. 

Still interested? 

Great, maybe we can work something out, so shoot me an email and lets talk business. 

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