Work with me

There are a couple of ways you could work with me and my brand.

Illustration and design commission

If you love what I do, have gotten a good glimpse of my work and you want something custom made just for you in the Home Cyn Home style, do not hesitate to contact me to know more about what services and packages I offer : 

- Digital illustration work
- Mandala designs
- Pattern design
- Logo design

Art licensing of existing designs

If you are interested in one of my already existing designs and think it could be a good match for your product and line. I am open to a licensing deal. So shoot me an email so we can work something out.

Sponsored blog posts

If you have a product or service you think my audience would love to hear of, we could come together for a partnership but I am very specific with how I work with brands on the blog and NONE of those terms are negotiable : 

- I do not work for free, so no promise of exposure please. 

- All links will be NO-FOLLOW, no ifs, no buts, no coconuts (I'm absolutely dead serious about this one)

- The product must be in line with the content I offer on the blog, Home Cyn Home is a design brand and my main audience these days are bullet journal lovers and creatives. Most of which are based in India and the US

- All content will be written BY ME, no guest posts allowed, all opinion about the product will be MINE

- Payments for my services must be made BEFORE the blog post is published

- I do not entertain emails that start with "Hi there" or "Dear web admin" or simply "Hi". I also nix and send emails that say "I love your blog <insert full blog URL including https>. If you are seriously considering working with my, know that I have a name I like to be addressed by. 

- Please no request to insert a link in an existing blog post, it's a cheap and tacky way to tap on my SEO juice, I won't entertain it. 


Great, maybe we can work something out, so shoot me an email and lets talk business. 

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