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Beach n surf collection

pastel pink, orange and turquoise enamel mugs with tropical motifs from the Beach n Surf collection by Home Cyn Home

There is a brand new collection on the block, just in time for summer, and all your tropical and beach inspired projects. Say hello to Beach n Surf by Home Cyn Home! This collection started from a design idea I had to add a fun tropical inspired graphic to my t-shirt designs on Teepublic: Beach Please. I had that vision of using a retro front surrounded by tropical flowers and that's what got me digging in my master files to check if there were some assets I could repurpose. My orange and teal surfboard illustration became a prime candidate because it had those big pink hibiscus flowers I could use, and use them I did. Not only did that surfboard illustration provide me with those gorgeous pink hibiscus flowers, it also ended up inspiring the color palette of the whole collection, waste not want not.

Beach n Surf collection of fabric patterns by Home Cyn Home

After that it was just a matter of creating a series of pattern around both the Beach Please design and the surfboard illustration. The pink hibiscus flowers and cream colored plumerias lent themselves perfectly to create two floral patterns that mix and match effortlessly and in the spirit of keeping a beach / coastal vibe to the collection, I added a broad stripes pattern in 3 different color variation : orange and cream, turquoise and cream and a tricolor orange, turquoise and cream version.

White bathroom sik and mirror with a fun pink orange and purple retro sunglasses wallpaper

Along the way I realised that an older existing design matched the theme of the collection and I added the orange, pink and purple sunglasses to it along with the green fishes in orange and white seigaiha waves, which have enough similarities with the original color palette to make them work within the collection.

I quickly uploaded all the designs featured in the Beach n Surf collection to Spoonflower where they are available as wallpapers, fabric and pre-sewn textile items as well as on Redbubble and Society6. All of them are of course available for licensing so if you read this and are interested in a partnership contact me to know more.

Classic coastal stripes in turquoise and cream on a duvet cover by Spoonflower

Till date it's the most fun I had creating a collection. Im a sucker for tropical designs, florals and anything that has pink, mint and turquoise in its colorway. That collection has been so inspiring that there is likely to be a few more add-ons to it in the coming weeks which I'll be sure to share with you all.

If you want to see more pictures of products featuring those designs, head up to the Beach n Surf collection page.

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